The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Contact Center Leaders

I’m excited to announce that I recently partnered with Solvvy to publish an ebook highlighting the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the contact center.

As a customer service leader, I remember the days when one of our supervisors was out of the office because those were the days where I spent most of my day answering questions from my agents. We call that floor support in the contact center, and while it’s essential, it also interrupts from the many other things leaders are required to do on a daily basis. This is a reminder of the importance of having a robust self-help platform so agents (and customers) can access the information they need to self solve problems.

That’s just one of the eight benefits of artificial intelligence I share in this ebook. Click below to download it and let me know what you think.

Avoiding Burnout: Eight Clear Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Call Center Operations

Jeremy Watkin is the Head of Quality at FCR, the most respected outsource provider. He has more than 15 years of experience as a customer service professional. He is also the co-founder and regular contributor on the Customer Service Life. Jeremy has been recognized many times for his thought leadership. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more awesome customer service and experience insights.

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