#CSWeek is About Choice

20141007_112452Yesterday, we celebrated CHOICE in customer service.

We have a CHOICE so why not make it a fun one? We had a Choose Your Own Adventure hat floating around where customer service representatives drew fun, mystery adventures of their own.

In the hat, we folded up pieces of paper that included things like:

  • Extra telecommute day
  • Extra 30 minutes on your lunch break
  • Make our boss, Jeremy, run around the parking lot holding a sign with your name on it saying, “[NAME] ROCKS!”
  • Make our boss, Jeremy, eat a jar of [insert food product here].
  • Lunch with the supervisor of your choice
  • Have Jenny or Jeremy hand deliver Starbucks to you on a morning of your choice
  • You pick the next happy hour event for the team
  • Dress up your supervisor day (you choose what they wear for a whole day)

Every customer service representative drew one option from the hat. If they liked it, they could keep it. If they wanted to try one more time, they could draw another from the hat and then pick between the two. Then, if they wanted to try and trade with another customer service representative, they had the option to do so as well.

While this is just a little exercise in choice, it made for a fun event at work and now we all have some fun things to look forward to.

I personally drew the Supervisor Dress Up Day and am very much looking forward to making Jeremy dress up.

One of our Tier 3 Customer Service team members is very much looking forward to sharing the jar of food that Jeremy will have to eat.

And, Jeremy is looking forward to me hand delivering him Starbucks one morning.

The majority of the team loved the extra telecommute day and 30 minutes on their lunch break. Can’t go wrong with that!

All in all–this was super fun and it’s a great reminder that when assisting customers, we do have a choice in understanding their unique needs and finding a creative solution to meet those needs.



Jenny Dempsey is currently the the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn.com. She's the co-founder and regular contributor over at CustomerServiceLife.com. She's also a self-care coach for customer service agents and leaders at JennyDempsey.com. She is the mother to a toothless rescue cat named Chompers. Avocados and veggie tacos are the way to her heart. Hanson fan for life.


  • I would want hand delivered Starbucks each day….or maybe J and J running around shouting DJ Doug rocks! Hmmmm….not sure which I would pick. Great ideas that can be used all year ’round for motivation. xoxoxo

    • Decisions decisions…next time, we’re going to do a #CSWeek Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter Style and you’ll get to pick something too 🙂 Wait, totally just made that up. Hey Jeremy, sooo what do you think about that?

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