Fall Edition: What are Jeremy & Jenny Up To?

It’s fall!

Leaves are changing color and falling from the trees, crisp apples are ready to pick and there’s a chance of rain in Southern California.

It’s been over 3 months since an episode of Breaking the Ice and it’s darn tootin’ near time to catch up with Jeremy and Jenny.

So, what is new and good in life?

Jeremy: Oh man. It’s been a fantastic summer of hiking, camping, and fly fishing. Oregon summers are truly incredible and I’m slightly lamenting the transition into fall. But the crisp mornings and changing leaves are still pretty cool. Now I’m busy with cub scouts, piano lessons, and soccer.

Jenny: Down here in San Diego, I’m enjoying the cooler weather. I just lead an amazing wellness workshop with NumberBarn. And, I’m working on building out a business plan for my contact center health coaching company, Jenny Dempsey Wellness.

Any exciting events or opportunities coming up?

Jenny: I’m excited to announce I’ll be leading a session at the ZenDesk Relate Conference this November in San Francisco. My session, Supporting Your Support Team Starts With You, is an interactive workshop that will guide you through an exercise to help you tune into self-care on a whole new level. Because, in order to take the best care of others, you must first take the best care of yourself.

Jeremy: No real events to speak of here. I’ve been laser focused on working with our clients to improve customer experience and quality and see that mostly continuing for the foreseeable future. I still blog regularly for FCR, CustomerThink, and ICMI.

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Jeremy: Hmmm, can I say eggnog? Seriously I love eggnog and pecan pie but I’ll work on tempering it a bit. I love sharing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with my family and look forward to it. And perhaps we’ll get a little snow again this year. You should see this So Cal kid when the weather app says it might snow. I look out my window every five minutes and my wife rolls her eyes every time.

Jenny: My niece, who turned 2 last May, is a lot more aware of what is going on now and I’m excited to experience the holidays through her eyes.

Where can we connect with you?

Jenny: You can find me mostly hanging out on CX Accelerator, Twitter and Instagram.

Jeremy: Same here, Jenny. CX Accelerator is a fantastic Slack community and I love Twitter. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and follow our Facebook page.

Jenny Dempsey is currently the the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn.com. She's the co-founder and regular contributor over at CustomerServiceLife.com. She's also a self-care coach for customer service agents and leaders at JennyDempsey.com. She is the mother to a toothless rescue cat named Chompers. Avocados and veggie tacos are the way to her heart. Hanson fan for life.

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