Friday Customer Service Round Up

round-upIn this post, we want to take a few moments to share a handful of articles we read that influenced our customer service thought this week.

Jeremy Watkin

“Want A Great Customer Service Team? Serve One Another First”

This article highlights the benefits of extraordinary customer service.  Based on the thought and teachings of Ron Kaufman, it stresses the importance of a culture of internal customer service within your organization.  This resonates well with my belief that everyone within our company is in the business of customer service and it should never be reduced to a department.

20 Important Customer Experience Statistics for 2014

In this article, Fonolo highlights the importance of the customer experience in 2014.  I think the most stunning statistic for me was “Reducing your customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25 to 125%.”  It shows that a strategy focused on reducing churn can make a huge impact in our organizations.  The other 19 stats are worth reading as well.

A Lost Employee, Found Three Weeks Later

This is a terrific blog post from Jeff Toister, who is an expert in customer service training.  He outlines the 4-step process trainees go through and where some get lost and quit.  This is a great reminder to constantly evaluate and encourage new hires until they have achieved a high level of competence and confidence.

Jenny Dempsey

“Wander Around, Have Fun=Awesome Customer Service Teams”

The ever smiling Flavio Martins discusses the importance of unscheduled and informal interactions with your customer service team.  He says, “To provide an amazing customer experience you must create awesome performing, engaged, customer-focused team.” I firmly believe that a positive work environment motivates and encourages people to continue to support customers on a higher level. So, let’s keep it fun at work!

“Chick-fil-A: Making Fast Service Memorable”

You have 60 seconds to make someone’s day…GO! Leave it to the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center to teach the chicken sandwich chain how to make the most of every second through employee and customer experience focus. They state in the article, “A culture that provides employees with care and respect empowers employees to extend a high level of customer service to every guest.” Whether you’re cooking up waffle fries or selling VoIP phones, employee engagement matters to provide the best customer experience.




Jeremy Watkin is the Director of Customer Experience at FCR, the premiere provider of outsourced call center and business process solutions. He has more than 17 years of experience as a customer service and experience professional. He is co-founder of the Customer Service Life blog and a regular contributor. Jeremy has been recognized many times for his thought leadership. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more awesome customer service and experience insights.

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