I Can Feel The #Delllove!

I recently used the 24/7 chat support @Dell to ask a relatively simple question about some computers we are looking to buy for the office.  I had a fantastic chat with Angela who was extremely friendly and patient.  Of course I took to Twitter to say thanks to both Angela_N and Dell.  You can see my interaction with them.


Source: https://twitter.com/DellHomeUS/status/344941816115761152

Their response to my tweet made my day.  Not only did @SusieAtDell reply to my tweet, she went a step further and sent me a video message.  How cool is that?  Thanks Dell for WOWing me and making my customer experience truly awesome!  You hit the customer appreciation nail right on the head.


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  • I’m a HUGE fan of video replies like this! How freakin’ cool! I really try to use VSnap (www.vsnap.com) for customers because it is so personal. I think we really should incorporate this into our more often too!

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