It’s International Day Of Awesomeness!

How do you define AWESOME?

Google says:

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Well, if you never really thought about it, today is a good day to fine tune your definition.


Thanks for asking. It just so happens to be The International Day Of Awesomeness!

To me, being awesome is fierce, unique and fun. Striving to be awesome encourages us to step outside our comfort zones, work harder and take on new challenges. Being awesome doesn’t mean being perfect. With a perspective that awesome is an attitude, it gives us endless opportunities and challenges to do our absolute best no matter what we take on. Being awesome means recognizing and appreciating the awesome in others, being thankful for the awesome in life and so much more.

So, because being and doing awesome can mean many different things to many different folks, I took to asking others what it means to them.

Here are the responses I received to help put into perspective just how many definitions of AWESOME there are out there:


One Awesome Thing You Have Done Recently


  • “Sent thank you cards to the owners of the yoga studio and gym I attend — to thank them for providing a place where I can feel at home.”
  • “I am coaching my son’s t-ball team.  That’s pretty awesome.”
  • “I continue to workout 4-5 days per week… continuing my weight loss — currently 60 pounds down in a little over a year!”
  • “I am learning to ride a motorcycle and while it’s really hard, it’s really awesome to take on the new challenge.”


One Awesome Thing About Yourself
  • “Building a stronger body so that I can keep up with my kids!”
  • “I don’t have any enemies.  I think that’s pretty awesome now that I think about it.”
  • “My sense of humor.  I am one who loves to laugh as much as possible. Life is an adventure, no matter what keeping a smile on my face is what I’m all about!”
One Awesome Thing About Someone Else


  • “I so appreciate Matt M. understated sense of humor and reliability. He makes a great place to be.”
  • “I’m super impressed when people take the bull by the horns. Melissa has done that lately with CSR schedule.  Danielle and Melissa have done that with QA.  Juan has done that in helping with network issues.  I love it when people take an opportunity and run with it!”
  • “Monica:  Her willingness to go above and beyond to answer questions and provide guidance when needed.  Her attitude and knowledge makes her an asset to our team!!”
  • “My mother-in-law will be 100 this year. She still has all of her faculties and is in great health considering her age! She lives in a retirement home, and has taken over the garden club and anything else they will let her take over! She was annoyed that she had to give up her car and driver’s license two years ago! Imagine all of the things that we take for granted that did not exist when she was born – television, Internet, computers, interstate highways, social security, credit cards, the national debt! Just knowing who you are at that age is awesome!”
  • “We all have our strengths as we discovered through Clifton StrengthsFinder and they seem to compliment the whole, in it’s entirety, very well.   Our team is made of amazing individuals and each coming together to form a solid company. I would like to reword what I said at first, the light doesn’t need to shine on every employee. In fact it’s the opposite way around, the light of Awesome already shines out from each of us. The way I see it, is that we are each a light of awesome and together we can shine so bright. Here are some awesome individuals and is an awesome company.”

So, what does AWESOME mean to you? Share with us in the comments of this post, on Twitter or Facebook.

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And remember, don’t forget to be awesome!



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