Jenny from the #CustServ Block

Don’t be fooled by these ebooks and articles that I got, I’m still Jenny from the #CustServ block.

March was a busy month with lots of exciting opportunities to spread my knowledge around the interwebs. I’m so grateful to have been included and I want to share the goodness with you!

New Guide for Customer Service: How to Exceed Expectations of the Modern Consumer

Featuring top customer service experts like Shep Hyken and Jay Baer, in this eBook, I share the importance of standing in your customer’s shoes and delivering feedback from and to your team. You can take a sneak preview here and you can download the guide here.

Expert Insight on 8 of your Biggest Contact Center Challenges

Featuring the ICMI Top 50 Thought Leaders on Twitter, Class of 2016 – you can download the expert insight here. There is so much greatness in this book! In my section, I discuss the top 5 reasons employees stay with a company.

12 Customer Service Fails (And how they could have been prevented)

Learn from our experiences and don’t let your company land in the #custsomerservicefail headlines! Download the eBook here and check out these real life stories from leading customer service experts to avoid making the same mistakes in your contact center. I share my story of frustration that could have definitely been avoided.

The Service Culture Handbook Exclusive Insider Perspective Interview Series

If you purchased Jeff Toister’s book, The Service Culture Handbook, by April 9th, you would have received the Exclusive Insider Perspective interview series featuring 10 interviews with customer service experts, including yours truly! If you haven’t purchased your copy, you should right this second.

Where does the customer journey begin in the contact center?

I loved writing this article about starting your customer journey in a contact center for the Injixo blog. Read the article here!

Thanks for checking these out – happy reading!

Jenny Dempsey is the Social Media and Customer Experience Manager for With over a decade of customer service experience, Jenny has been recognized through social media channels as a thought leader. She is co-founder and a regular contributor on the Customer Service Life. When she's not helping or singing to customers, she is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, coaching clients over at her side passion project,

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