Kicking Your Customer Experience Up A Notch

kick_it_up_a_notch_1024x1024My day kicked off with this inspirational quote from Marie Forleo:

In every corner of our day, we have the chance to express our creativity and bring light into people’s lives.

When it comes to customer service, we have so many opportunities to kick things up a notch. I don’t mean by just being friendly to the customer and solving their problem.

But, I mean doing even more than that.

We have opportunities for self expression, sharing the vision of our company and bringing a ray of sunshine to someone’s day.

Take a look at Marie’s video from today, Great Branding You Can Smell From Miles Away about Poo Pourri’s marketing to customers:

I am a HUGE fan of their humorous and catchy way to hook their customers in with funny ways of saying every day normal things about shipping their products, return policy and even general questions about how to use. Their FAQs are flushing out loads of information in a catchy way:

They even call their customer service team, “The Poo Crew”!

Poo Pourri does a great way of tying their vision, branding and customer experience together with a shared voice. A voice that makes you laugh while still getting the job done.

BarkBox, a dog treat delivery company, is another company that I feel does an incredible job with their voice. I recently worked with their customer service team and they end their emails with “Kind Woofs” instead of “Sincerely”. They also responded to my “thank you” with a “no pawblem”. And, they refer to their dog clients as “pupscribers”. Now, that’s pawsome!

How can you incorporate humor into your branding, while still remaining professional and getting the work that needs to be done, done? How can you kick your customer experience up a notch or two?


Jenny Dempsey is currently the the Social Media and Customer Experience Manager for She has worked at tech startups since 2005. She's the co-founder and regular contributor over at She's a certified health coach, but not the kind that forces you to only eat cardboard and deprive yourself of ice cream., the company she started, was designed to bring a new type of wellness into the workplace, one that gives you permission to look deeper into yourself, rather than just on the healthy snacks in the break room. She is the mother to a toothless rescue cat named Chompers. Avocados and veggie tacos are the way to her heart. She's also a Hanson fan for life.

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  • You strike a great chord with this post Jenny. I am a huge advocate of humor in branding. When I post to twitter and FB I like to add a pic often times that is humorous, inspirational and branded. Get your clients to laugh and you have a message that will be remembered and talked about.

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