You Got What I Need

h8465F8AAIt’s amazing when you go somewhere and the business already knows exactly what you need to get the full experience of their product.

Research done, feedback listened to, mistakes learned from and whambam you have a full on experience of awesomeness.

Out to dinner at a Thai restaurant yesterday and the waiter approaches our table with an iPad in his hand. He begins to ask us about the menu and if we have any questions, then goes into discussing the night’s specials.

Now, I love Thai but unless you are an avid expert of Asian meals, often the titles don’t give way to what the food actually is. This leaves you to make what could be, a risky choice.

The waiter flips the iPad to the direction of our table and begins to show a clear picture of each special, including giving us a detailed description of what is in it. The only thing missing was smelling the food (which, does the iPad have a “smell-o-vision” app yet?).

What an awesome, interactive and yet simple approach to dinner specials! Maybe I’m just behind the times, but prior to this, I had not been to a restaurant that displays the specials in such a display. Have you?

Here’s what I liked about this:

Seeing is Believing

They’ve learned from their customers that when they see the food, they feel more secure in their choices. I know I did. Plus, I was practically salivating at the end of the slide show.

Catering to Visual Learners

Being able to see your food from a larger picture, as compared to one on a menu page, allows visual learners to indulge in their dinner choice. And, even as I sit here, the images of delicious food still floats in my mind. Needless to say, seeing these pictures left a good taste in my mouth.

Knowing the Customer

The restaurant didn’t always have this unique feature to their ordering process. The waiter told me that he found their customers really like to see the food before they order it. So, they implemented an interactive way for the customers to become part of the food experience.

In a nutshell, knowing what your customers need takes time but oh baby, once you got it, you so got it!


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