The Hang-Up-Follow-Up Customer Service Shimmy

ginger rogers and astaireThere comes a time where you are talking on the phone with a customer service representative and the call is disconnected.

Bye, bye call!

And, most likely, you will not receive a call back. So, you have to dial back to the toll free number, wait to get a new representative and tell the whole story all over again.


As a customer service representatives, while it may seem like common sense, it’s very easy to push this aside because we have so many other customers to attend to. So, I’ve developed a new customer service “shimmy”. I say the word “Shimmy” in place of “rule” because the word “rule” just sounds so banal. It’s called:

The Hang-Up-Follow-Up Customer Service Shimmy

Here’s how this shimmy works:

  1. If you’re talking to a customer on the phone, grab their direct number in advance in case the call is disconnected.
  2. If the call is disconnected, call them back.
  3. If you try to call them back and there’s no answer, email them.

It has some good rhythm to it, doesn’t it?

So get on your dancin’ shoes and make sure to follow up with your customers if your calls are disconnected!

This is also fun to do if your call isn’t disconnected with your customer. After you hang up with them, follow up with them through email, thanking them for their call.

A little “shimmy” goes a long, long way!


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