Hey Customer, I Have Nothing To Hide

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MailChimp Monkey Has Nothing To Hide Either!

Everyone in customer service land knows that we can’t please everyone. We try very hard but sometimes, we must accept that we gave it our best shot and send the customer on their way to find something that will make them happy.

When I worked at Phone.com, I would do everything in my power to assist a customer but if I ran out of options, I had zero shame in admitting (and luckily a really amazing boss who allowed me to do this),

“Well, I can’t help you but I can find a company who can.”

From my experience, trust is gained for your brand when you act with a “see it through to the end” perspective. And, even if you hand off your customer to another company, give it a few months–they’ll remember your caring service and more often than not, will return to your open arms.

My sister owns a home cleaning service in Southern California’s High Desert. She works her butt off to make sure customers have sparkling homes and giant smiles. In a dream world, every customer would be delighted!

One recent interaction became a bit rocky. This particular long term customer had always been a challenge, but well worth it, as once they referred friends in neighboring homes. Jackie bent over backward to make them happy by discounting services, free hours of cleaning, extra special touches on areas of their home and more but her patience was wearing thin. They continued to demand more for less money. If you know my sister, who is also a diesel mechanic and is one of the toughest chicks I know, she has a feisty side.

The customer continued to knock her down, no matter what she offered. She didn’t know if she wanted to give up and tell them to find someone else or if she wanted to keep trying. She knew her employees were doing an amazing job, as she would check their work, but she also knew that there could be something she was missing.

Ultimately, she sent her customer this email as one last attempt to save the relationship:

“It was brought to my attention the severity of the displeasure our services have brought to your family. I sincerely apologize as I was not aware of how truly unhappy you were. I value my customers very much and I strive to ensure they are content with what my company has to offer, the work that is performed and the customer service received from myself. I would like to take a moment to inquire as to how I can make your services exceptional. If perhaps you feel there is nothing that can be done, I have included the phone numbers of home cleaning companies in the High Desert. I hope that we may continue to serve you, however if we cannot I do hope you find comfort in the services another company has to offer. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you! :)”

She shared the email with me to proof read it beforehand and I was just so impressed that I had to blog about it.

Jackie Has Nothing To Hide With Her Customers

  • She took the time to admit defeat, admit displeasure and put herself in a vulnerable position.
  • She apologizes.
  • She asks for their input for what she can do better.
  • She provides contact information for additional cleaning services in their area to help them find a new cleaner.

It takes a brave employee to say, “Hey, if we don’t work for you–here’s who might be able to help!” and send them away. This may mean less $$ but in the end, it’s the brand trust and connection with the customer that will bring more $$ in the long run.

So my customer service friends, don’t give up! Don’t hide from your customer! If you have to send them away, do it with care.


Jenny Dempsey is currently the the Social Media and Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn.com. She has worked at tech startups since 2005. She's the co-founder and regular contributor over at CustomerServiceLife.com. She's a certified health coach, but not the kind that forces you to only eat cardboard and deprive yourself of ice cream. JennyDempseyWellness.com, the company she started, was designed to bring a new type of wellness into the workplace, one that gives you permission to look deeper into yourself, rather than just on the healthy snacks in the break room. She is the mother to a toothless rescue cat named Chompers. Avocados and veggie tacos are the way to her heart. She's also a Hanson fan for life.

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