Here are some of our favorite original quotes.  Use them and abuse them and maybe give us some credit while you’re at it.  Beware of the extreme awesomeness that follows!

You cannot become awesome without first understanding how to be awesome.  If you don’t understand, ask your customers! @jtwatkin

In customer service it’s often the smallest gestures that make the biggest difference. ~@jtwatkin

My favorite customers are the ones that care enough to offer feedback whether it be positive or negative.  ~@jtwatkin

Stick To Your Guns And You May Shoot Yourself In The Foot ~@jtwatkin

“I am right, you are wrong.” ~Famous last words of an unwise CSR including yours truly @jtwatkin

We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of our customers. @jennysuedempsey

What stories are your customers telling about you?  If you don’t know I suggest you find out. ~@jtwatkin

Never underestimate the power of awesome customer service stories to propel your #custserv team to new heights.  Celebrate often! ~@jtwatkin

You should never make excuses as to why you can’t do something for a customer. That’s called bad #custserv. Find solutions! @jtwatkin

Don’t make your customers go the extra mile to correct your mistake. Mistakes happen and walking with them can make all the difference! @jtwatkin

Pay attention to what your customers are NOT directly saying to you. It could make the experience with your company that much more awesome. @jennysuedempsey

Never ask a customer to walk the extra mile for your mistake. If they must walk, walk with them. @jtwatkin

“Take a moment to appreciate the internal customer service pros around you.  If we’re going to succeed, we need them!” @jtwatkin

“Talk to yourself like you’d talk to a customer. Keep the doors open for opportunity. You wouldn’t limit it for them–why would you limit it for yourself?” @jennysuedempsey

“Whenever you receive feedback good or bad your first response should always be THANK YOU!” @jtwatkin

“Defensiveness only leads to missing out on great learning opportunities.” @jtwatkin

“Don’t talk directly to customers? Give exceptional (internal) #custserv to the people that do. Dare I call it a chain of awesome service?” @jtwatkin

“Want to be a better customer service representative?  Practice being a better customer.” @jtwatkin

“One of our new customer service reps just told me she collects smiles. What a coincidence. We collect people who collect smiles!” @jtwatkin

“Smile at the world today, and the world will smile back at you.” @jennysuedempsey

“Surrender to a cause greater than yourself. Find passion and live it daily.” @jennysuedempsey

“When you act with courage and integrity, it inspires others to do the same.” @jennysuedempsey

“EVERYBODY HAS CUSTOMERS and they should know WHO they are and actively ENGAGE and APPRECIATE them.” @jtwatkin

“Issues with a process? Never underestimate the power of talking DIRECTLY to all people involved. Talking about them defeats the purpose.” @jtwatkin

“Why is the last call of the day often the longest? WOW customers with extra patience and professionalism.” @jtwatkin

“There are no small actions. Everything we do has an energy intelligence that produces countless ripple effects.” @jennysuedempsey

“Dare to celebrate successes and joys with your customers and show your support for their pains and concerns.” @jtwatkin

“At the very core of empathy is recognizing that your customers are people too.” @jtwatkin

“Customer Service experts can take any problem the customer presents to us and blow their minds with a perfect solution.” @jtwatkin

“Our role as customer service representatives is to be EXPERTS in our product, pricing and service.” @jtwatkin

“Customer service is a busy, draining profession. That is all the more reason to find ways every day to talk and laugh as a team.” @jtwatkin

“DO NOT try to fit your team into a box and DO give them opportunities to express themselves.” @jtwatkin

“It is essential to understand the customer’s needs and clearly communicate expectations up front so a bond of trust is built.” @jtwatkin

“In moments of conflict, try #empathy instead of judgment. Compassion is almost always the answer.” @jennysuedempsey

“No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome.” @jtwatkin

“There is great adventure to be had when you engage your customer as a human being!” @jtwatkin

“When you receive negative #feedback, practice taking a deep breath, closing your email and processing before responding.” @jtwatkin

“All #feedback will serve to make you stronger.” @jtwatkin

“I’m realizing one critical quality of a manager and leader is to set my employees up for success…even if it’s not at my company.” @jtwatkin

“Never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note to your customers.” @jtwatkin

“By recognizing the unique strengths of your team members you are communicating that they are valuable and important.” @jtwatkin

“If we’re going work together and gain loyal customers, it is essential to be on the same team as our customers.” @jtwatkin

“An awesome customer experience requires that all departments in the company work together toward that same goal.” @jtwatkin

“Don’t spend your days wishing for time to go faster. Aim to live more in the moment and serve better. Time eventually runs out.” @jtwatkin

“No matter how busy you are, take the time to help your customers as if NO one else was in line.” @jennysuedempsey

“Never underestimate the power of a conversation to clear up the air with a customer. Communicate Better!” @jtwatkin

“Where email fails a phone conversation succeeds.” @jtwatkin

“If you mess up, the road to redemption is not instant or easy but if you commit to the process there is potential to come back stronger.” @jtwatkin

“Take the time to empower your customer service team to favor your customers and you will see more happy and loyal customers.” @jtwatkin

“Calling your customers by name humanizes them, builds a connection and helps both sides work toward a resolution.” @jtwatkin

“Listen with intent on understanding,be humble with the intent on learning and err on the side of the customer as much as possible.” @jtwatkin

“Have fun in customer service. Your survival depends on it.” @jennysuedempsey

“When customers give you lemons, make margaritas! Take their problems and turn them into tasty solutions! Cheers!” @jennysuedempsey

“The majority of angry customers I speak with are angry because we didn’t meet their expectations.” @jtwatkin

“Are you training and equipping your employees to be better employees or better humans? I suggest you do both.” @jtwatkin

“Customer Service: People helping people helping people helping people (and so on).” @jennysuedempsey

“You know you did good when you meet a #customer you talk to on the phone in real life and they give you a big hug.” @jennysuedempsey

“Think “importance management” rather than than just “time management”. Handle what is urgent first.” @jennysuedempsey

“When in doubt, side with the customer. Without the customer, there is no company.” @jtwatkin

“Find out the strengths of your team members and put them in positions to shine.” @jtwatkin

“Communicating and meeting or exceeding expectations consistently equals delighted customers.” @jtwatkin

“Love it: #Accept and #appreciate everything and everyone on your path. They’ve been placed there to help you reveal your #greatness.” @jennysuedempsey

“Make sure the plates you’re spinning are actually worth spinning.” @jtwatkin

“In customer service when you strip everything away, what’s left should be people helping people…period.” @jtwatkin

“Let’s be willing to take risks, to be uncomfortable and to #serve better.” @jennysuedempsey

“Attempting to speed up an angry customer only increases the speed of escalation of the call. Don’t try this at home.” @jennysuedempsey

“Keep your eye on the #goal: Growth, not comfort. Now go out and do what it takes to make growth happen.” @jennysuedempsey

“Never forget that your customers are people, not units. Talk to them, appreciate them, listen to them and build relationships.” @jtwatkin

“Be awesome every time you talk, email or chat with a customer. Every contact we have is another opportunity to influence.” @jtwatkin

“Don’t let emotions run over your intelligence when faced with making a big decision.” @jennysuedempsey

“There can be no “so what” attitude in customer service because everything you do truly does count.” @jennysuedempsey

“EVERYONE has customers. Figure out who they are and make a difference in their life by the #custserv that you provide.” @jtwatkin

“You have a great opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in someone’s life. Passion IS required.” @jtwatkin

“Find a vocation that gets you out of bed, excited to get in the car and drive to work every day.” @jtwatkin

“Any time a customer makes you look good to your boss, you should definitely thank them!” @jtwatkin

“Dear Customer, as a customer service pro, I’m here to make sure you LOVE our service.” @jtwatkin

“How does your #CustServ garden grow? With lots of Possibility, Encouragement, Positivity and Trust, of course.” @jennysuedempsey

“Never forget, as managers, that we are ALL in customer service. The way we treat employees and coworkers IS customer service.” @jtwatkin

“Take ownership of every customer and every customer service situation you encounter.” @jtwatkin

“CHOOSE to have a good attitude.  It will make life as a customer service professional better for both you and the customer!” @jtwatkin

“In customer service you have the power to make someone’s day.  Never take that responsibility and opportunity lightly!” @jtwatkin

“Feedback of all shapes and sizes has the power to take our #custserv to new heights if we respond swiftly and intelligently.” @jtwatkin

“In customer service, we are in the business of serving PEOPLE. Never, ever forget that!” @jtwatkin

“In a nutshell, knowing what your customers need takes time but oh baby, once you got it, you so got it!” @jennysuedempsey

“When presented with an issue or problem in a process, the point isn’t to fix it all at once, but to find small, meaningful ways to improve constantly.” @jtwatkin

“There are no cuts, no buts, no coconuts in customer service.” @jennysuedempsey

“Lesson: The more you can connect with your customers on a personal level, the stronger their connection to your brand.” @jtwatkin

“Lesson: You need to know who your audience is before you can effectively connect with them.” @jtwatkin

“Lesson: Regardless of whether a company has an amazing product and amazingly talented individuals, if the customers don’t buy it, the company isn’t going to get very far.” @jtwatkin

“There are SO many lessons to be learned from negative experiences. Know that mistakes are meant to be made. Like Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”” @jennysuedempsey

“Being proactive and admitting mistakes takes courage as an employee and company.” @jtwatkin

“Know that your customers appreciate your working product and even if it’s not needed, give them a big thank you any way!” @jennysuedempsey

“Darren’s law simply refers to the fact that the longest call of the day always occurs right before a meeting, lunch or time to leave for the day.” @jtwatkin

“We must all get hands on with the whole experience of customer service. Be part of the creation and the finished product. Find lessons in the messes and the stresses to truly appreciate and savor the brew that we create.” @jennysuedempsey

“What would you do if you could not fail with your customer?” @jennysuedempsey

“Delegate! Just like Batman had Robin, every superhero needs a super counterpart to help them win the battle.” @jennysuedempsey
“Choose to be awesome!” @jtwatkin
“Sit up straight, listen, learn and be sure to thank that customers because if you don’t, they will call another company that does!” @jtwatkin
“Talk to yourself like you’d talk to a customer. Keep the doors open for opportunity. You wouldn’t limit it for them–why would you limit it for yourself?”  @jennysuedempsey
“Internal communication influences external communication in and out of the office.” @jennysuedempsey
“We are given the opportunity every day to show kindness to our coworkers and clients.

How you work with them to resolve the situation, along with the kindness you give, is the recipe for success.” @jennysuedempsey
“Build trust and an emotional connection with your customers, and affirm their choice to do business with you.” @jtwatkin
Perhaps it’s time to spend less time training people to read scripts and more time training them to connect with customers in such a way that they recognize and address their individual needs.” @jtwatkin
“Move past yourself and give of your time and resources without expecting anything in return.” @jtwatkin 
In customer service and in life, if you stick to your guns, you might very well shoot yourself in the foot.” @jtwatkin 
It’s one thing to sell a product to a customer.  It’s an entirely different thing to anticipate the needs of the customer and tell them everything they will need in order to do the job right.” @jtwatkin
Being proactive allows you to plan ahead for events to help your employees provide the best customer experience, despite the circumstances, and for your customers to feel empowered and prepare accordingly.” @jennysuedempsey

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