Bahhddd Feedback!


Bad feedback is good.

What are you smoking? Why is bad feedback a GOOD thing?

We can always improve. We’re not hot headed and have absolutely no problems admitting we’re not perfect. While we would love for things to go right 100% of the time for every single customer, that’s just not realistic.

But, what is realistic is learning from mistakes, correcting them and moving forward.

When we receive negative feedback from a customer, we use L.A.M.B (I literally just made this up):

1. Listen

We give the customer our ears. What does this customer have to say? Why are they saying it? What happened during their experience to take it down a bad road?

2. Acknowledge and Apologize

We acknowledge that a bad situation happened and apologize for it. We own up to the mistake.

3. Make it Better

What can we do to turn this situation around? We give our time, free service and whatever else it takes to fix the problem. If we cannot fix it, we escalate issues to someone who can.

4. Boost Improvement

After the dust clears from the bad experience and the customer has rode off happily into the sunset, we’re left with one question, “how can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?” We’ll improve our methods by learning from what went wrong.

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