Customer Service Words Of Wisdom

With the best intentions to be motivational, Jeremy, while singing Kelly Clarkson, wrote this quote on the whiteboard in our office:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Credit for these original fine words of wisdom go to Friedrich Nietzsche, not Kelly (we still love you though Kelly).

However, some folks in the office decided to share their input:








While our white board is now a topic of discussion for anyone who enters our office, it is obvious that there are always other perspectives available. We must recognize that with our customers–external and internal–and listen with open minds.

Some of the challenging things that we push through, whether it be a bear fight or an SBD, we are stronger.

This short post today is a reminder to keep challenging yourself–you’ll only get stronger!

Watch out for bears. And farts.

And remember to laugh!


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