Importance of Leadership

What better day than National Boss’s Day to write about leadership!?

The worst boss I ever had was at an amusement park restaurant of all places. If I did anything incorrect, I would be scolded out on the floor, in front of the families who just wanted their $8 slice of pizza. And the training manager was just as bad, no enthusiasm or motivation and flat out ignoring my questions and giving dirty looks. I was 19, fresh in the work force, ready to be shaped and molded. I was so unhappy with my seasonal part time job that I quit 3 weeks into it, only to be confronted by a superior pleadimg with me to stay because I was the best they had.

As I grew older and am now a supervisor myself, I have learned so many values and strengths along the way thanks to the GREAT leaders I have worked with. I can only hope to encourage and inspire my team in the same ways. I have so much to learn still!

So often I hear friends vent about how much their boss sucks. I wouldn’t ever want to work in a place ever again where my leader sucked! I want a leader (or leaders, I should say) that I look up to, learn from and respect. Who treat me with the same respect, honesty and value.

I am lucky to have such a leadership team behind me at my position now. And, I hope you have the same!


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  • Definitely an important trait of leadership. I tweeted a couple weeks ago that a friend said “As a leader, you should always consider whether or not you would want to work for yourself.” Pretty important to consider. That pizza place sure missed out.

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