Pushing Kindness

man-pushing-carLast Monday, the break pads on my car were replaced. Everything ran smoothly as I drove from the California high desert down to San Diego for my first week back at work. After I arrived in San Diego, I noticed a strange metal crunching sound coming from front right tire well. I figured I’d just hope for the best and take it to my mechanic sister later in the week.

Just last night, I was driving up a hill with a friend and the crunching sound became increasingly louder. It was a red light, I hit the breaks to stop and my car made one giant crunch before stopping in it’s tracks, unable to move forward. When the light turned green, the cars began honking and my stress levels rose to the extreme.

A man driving in an SUV rolled down his window and asked us if we needed any help. We said “yes” and despite being in an outside lane, he turned the corner and parked on the side of the road. He ran over to our car and in a very calm voice, began giving me instructions on putting my car in neutral and pressing on the gas. When that didn’t work, he gave other options of putting the car in reverse then trying to put it into neutral again. Then he and my friend pushed the car.  It took a few times, but we finally got the car safely to the side of the road.

Then, the kind stranger hopped in his car and drove off.

After pushing the car, my friend told me that he was on the phone with someone from Singapore but it didn’t stop him from helping us.

I am truly thankful for the generosity of the person who stopped to help and the relaxed nature of my good friend who happened to be with me during the whole ordeal. I typically allow my anxiety to rise in unpredictable situations like this and oddly enough, while I was frustrated, I was still able to smile.

While this whole situation of my car breaking down will be a three part series, I want to kick it off with the first post about the kindness of others.

In what way can you help someone who needs it today?



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