Surprise Your Customers With Unexpected Service

shocked_faceIn the market for an organic face moisturizer, I popped over to to check out the offerings and read reviews.

I stumbled across a product by a company called Era Organics.

After doing some research, I placed my order for the Face Moisturizer Cream through Amazon. It was fairly inexpensive, had recognizable ingredients and received great reviews.

I received the usual order confirmations from Amazon in my email inbox shortly after placing my order.

However, I also received a little something extra from this company, less than 24 hours after my order was placed with Amazon that resulted in an “OMG” moment from me:

I received a direct email from a representative named Tyler at Era Organics, thanking me for placing my order and checking in to let me know that they will personally email me when the product has shipped. He also mentioned they are proud of their products, excited for me to try it and to follow up should there be any questions along the way.

I was rather blown away by this–it wasn’t an automated email. It was an actual email from a representative of the company. They took the extra time to write directly to me for placing an order for one little tiny product. I know it sounds silly but think about the last time you ordered a product from Amazon or another large company and received a direct email from the seller themselves. Are you counting the experiences on one hand?

I responded to Tyler, sharing my shock and awe to the little gem of an email that put a personal touch on the ordering process.

Tyler responded swiftly with this message:

Thank you so much for getting back to us and sharing such kind words. It really made my day since the whole intention behind emailing our customers is to let them know that they are buying from real people and can always reach out to us if they have questions or concerns.

We’ve had a few customers get angry with us for sending them an email even though it was just to thank them and to make sure they are happy with the product. Can’t please everyone I guess.

We felt customer service has died out a bit in the internet age and wanted to help bring it back.

His response was genuine and honest.

It bummed me out about the customers who get angry but I suppose that is the nature of the customer service beast–you truly cannot please everyone–but, and I may add, you can always do your absolute best to try to give that (positive) OMG level of service!

So thanks Tyler and the Era Organics team. There’s obviously strong empowerment, clearly defined company values and positive training happening behind the scenes!


Your Challenge: How can YOU take the time to put an unexpected personal touch on your product for your customers to surprise them?


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  • A great example of above and beyond service. Thanks for sharing Jenny. It’s nice to see a company working hard to please their customers. Happy New Year to you and your entire team.


    • Thanks Doug! Happy Beautiful New Year to you as well.

      Always such a great thing to see people doing incredible work for their customers.

  • Jenny, this is such a great post! It’s so refreshing to see a company doing this. I didn’t even know it was possible on an Amazon order. Mind blown!

  • Celine Magneche

    Hi, Jenny, and THANKS for sharing this beautiful message! Today in class I did a presentation about the absolute necessity of saying thank you to our customers for choosing us among sooooo many businesses, and taking that extra further step to personally doing it to show how much we care and truly appreciate their business. With an email or a handwritten card!

    In this age, we are loosing good manners because saying thank you to someone who had done something to us (like helping us to achieve our dreams like in this specific example you are sharing, Jenny) is showing respect to others. Recognition. We take everything for granted and forget how important are relationships to the human beings we are.

    Tyler did what we all should do not only in the framework of our businesses but also in our daily interactions with other human beings.

    Lets come back to civilization and start giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar! I am continuously looking for ways to waou customers and touch their lives forever. I have come to the conclusion that acknowledging this beautiful gift they offer us by doing business with us, and showing recognition for their business, doing this personally, personally is the most powerful tool to win their heart forever.

    Thanks again, Jenny, for sharing!

    • Celine,

      Thank YOU for your incredible comment on my post. I hope you aced that presentation because you covered something that seems so simple but alas, so many of us seem to forget just what is happening here. By you spreading the word about saying “thank you” to your customers, you are singlehandedly bringing more kindness into people’s lives. Tyler took an opportunity and went above and beyond–with an email. It didn’t cost him anything more nor did it take much time out of his day. Tiny acts create huge impacts.

      It’s an honor for you to have read my post and again, thank you for your comments!

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