The AvoCAREdo Show Episode #5 Featuring Nate Brown

This is the AvoCAREdo Show where business leaders are asked to get real about their self-care wins and struggles while they are busy at work. How does stress in the contact center affect your habits? How do you make time during your day to get up out of your desk and go for a walk? Let CX leader, Nate Brown, share his self-care wins and struggles with you in this episode of The AvoCAREdo Show.

Nate is the Co-founder of CX Accelerator. While Customer Service is his primary expertise, Nate is able to leverage experience in professional services, marketing, and sales to connect dots and solve the big problems. From authoring and leading a Customer Experience program, to journey mapping, to managing a complex contact center, Nate is always learning new things and sharing with the CX community. Follow him on Twitter using handle @CustomerIsFirst.

About AvoCAREdo

In order to take the best care of others, you must first take the best care of yourself. AvoCAREdo combines contact center wellness coach Jenny Dempsey’s love for avocados with her lighthearted personality to deliver a realistic dose of self-care wisdom to motivate YOU while you’re flippin’ busy at work. Because when it comes down to it, supporting support teams and customers starts with YOU. Duh!

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