The File of Awesome

The customer service roller coaster definitely does has its ups, downs, twists and turns. And on days where there are more drops down than climbs up, it’s difficult for some of us to remember the awesomeness that you have done in the past.

A friendly co-worker in our billing department located in CA surprised me by mailing me this card that arrived with a payment for their service:


My day at work had been rather stressful but to find this gem in my mailbox truly brightened my whole week. I now have this card hanging right above my desk so I can see it every day.

I am reminded of a file that I need to look in more often. This is not a top secret file of any sorts but rather…are you ready….


In my email client, I’ve created a separate file to hold positive feedback from customers and co-workers. When I’m feeling dragged down, I’ll refer to this folder and read back on some of the greatness that I’ve had the opportunity to give to others. fileofawesome

If you work in customer service, I definitely recommend creating your own File of Awesome. Here’s why:

1. It Just Makes You Feel Good!

In a nutshell, read through these on any day where you’re feeling blue and you’ll be smiling in no time.

2. Proof of Awesome!

If working with account specific customers, use these as testimonials to your greatness.

3. Defining Your Purpose!

If you ever feel you’re not sure why you’re in this business, read these and you’ll be reminded about your purpose.

So, get to your email client and make your “File of Awesome” right this second!


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  • I just love this idea! And I also love the reminder of how potent and memorable a HAND WRITTEN note can be. It’s easy to jot off a nice email and though its not without its merits, a handwritten note shows that you really, really mean it! Thanks for the nice post.

    • Kim,

      Thanks so much for your comment! It’s amazing how much technology has come into play and we forget the simple sweetness of a handwritten note. Plus, when you receive them, it makes for such motivating decor at your office desk!



  • Jeremy Watkin

    Wow Jenny! I’m curious to know who sent you that note. That was so thoughtful. I love the file of awesome concept. I’m going to create one as well!

    • Your folder will be overflowing! I’m surprised you didn’t have one already. Maybe this is something we can encourage all CSRs to have in their email? This was such an amazingly thoughtful note and I’m so honored to have made a positive impact on this customer.

  • This post is giving me a deja vu moment. Jenny – did we exchange notes about this concept a few months ago? Or, perhaps I forgot that I built a time machine and use it to go back in time and catch up on reading.

    Either way, the concept is great and I use it too!

    • We TOTALLY did–I can’t remember when (I think it was a while back) but you did bring it up. Though, if you can really build a time machine, that would be pretty awesome!!!

      I think I had just started the folder around that time and didn’t really think it had much value until your comment (totally going to try and look for this, too). But, after having it for a while now, I find it has so much merit and is a positive way to keep motivated. 🙂

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