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making-decisionsThe choice is yours. How will you decide?

In my ongoing journey of posts about “12 Things Successful People Do Differently“, number four on this list is:

“They make logical, informed decisions.”

I’ll admit, I’m not the best with decisions. My grandma used to sing this to me, “Poor little Jenny, bright as a penny, but she couldn’t make up her mind!”

But, when it comes to work, and helping customers, making informed decisions quickly and efficiently is absolutely¬† necessary. And, when it’s the customer’s business on the line, you definitely want to make the right choice.


At work, we want our customer service team to feel they can make these decisions quickly and efficiently for customers too. We empower them by ensuring someone is available to help and to make sure they have all the learning resources they need. If it’s not there, we make the decision to create one.

So, how can you make an informed decision in the heat of the moment? Here are some tips I try to use on a daily basis:


1. ASK Around

When I’m faced with a decision to make, I ask around. I ask for input from others to try and see the situation from different perspectives. And, if it’s something that I really am not sure of, I ask the experts for advice.

2. USE Resources

Internally at our company, we have training modules, Wikis, documentation, etc. to help guide us in the right direction. So, if no one else is around to ask, the way I make the best decision is to use my resources to understand the situation, gather details and make a choice based off of this information.

3. AVOID Second Guessing

When I used to take Scantron tests back in school, I recall choosing option “A” for an answer, then going back and erasing and choosing “C” instead because I wasn’t sure. Then, I when I get the graded test back, I realize I had the answer right with “A”. I should have just gone with my gut! Obviously, sometimes you’ll be wrong, but going with your initial decision is usually the right one. Keep second guessing at a minimum.

4. KEEP Emotions in Check

During a heated phone call with a customer, you may be quick to respond with your decisions and they may not be the right one with all that anger blurring the lines. Be sure not to let any emotions make the decisions for you. I mean, just because I’m feeling glum and ice cream sounds amazing, eating the whole pint might not be the best choice. I know better than that! Don’t let emotions run over your intelligence.

Now, on that note, I want ice cream!


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