What Nordstrom Does Right With Trunk Club

My clothing shopping typically consists of visits to:

  • The Thrift Store
  • Target
  • Forever 21

While there’s nothing wrong with these stores, as I venture deeper into my 30s, I begin to think that maybe I need to stop shopping in the discount Junior’s department.

Stepping foot into a department store shoots me with pangs of anxiety, therefore I refuse. Yes, I refuse.

Until Trunk Club.

My fantastic coworker shared this new service from Nordstrom in which you:

  • Are assigned a personal stylist free of charge.
  • Fill out a “style profile” of clothing that you enjoy wearing.
  • Your stylist shops for you at Nordstrom, choosing items you like but also choosing items that would flatter you but that you may not otherwise choose for yourself.
  • Your stylist sends you an email with a “preview” of your “trunk”.
  • You receive said “trunk” in the mail with the clothing.
  • You have 10 days to try on all the clothing, pick what you love and ship the remaining items back, free of charge.
  • With your credit card on file, they only charge you for what you purchase.

I was intrigued, so I gave it a shot.

I ended up feeling like some posh rock star, living the life of luxury with a personal stylist. 

I receive my first “trunk”, almost 10lbs of clothing, in the mail via UPS:









I open the “trunk” and am greeted with a personalized welcome, along with the name of my stylist:











I then take out the amazing clothing and try everything on while blasting the Spice Girls and having a pretend fashion show in front of the mirror:











I choose the items I love, pack up the rest and stick this pre-paid shipping return label on the trunk and drop it off at UPS (you can also schedule a pick up):











Nordstrom continues to enhance their customer experience for those that don’t even step into their stores. 

After referring my sister to Trunk Club, we ran into a minor snafu. I was disappointed in how a situation was handled so I wrote to their customer support team.

Of course, my situation was responded to with the utmost care and kindness. They responded with such generosity about the situation that I could hardly be angry with them. Therefore, I am a Trunk Club fanatic for life.

What Nordstrom Does Right With Trunk Club

  • No Membership Fees: This service is FREE which means it’s available to anyone who wants to try it. The doors are OPEN!
  • Bring The Store to the Comfort of Your Home: Before Trunk Club, I was more than likely to never step foot in an actual Nordstrom store out of feeling inadequate. When the store comes to me, I feel at ease and more likely to make a purchase. Nice job, friends.
  • Personalizing The Experience: This is JUST for me–the clothing selected are based on styles I like and they choose clothing that I would otherwise not purchase for myself but end up loving. Having that much attention makes a gal feel pretty confident!
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Nordstrom says YOU matter. Your stylist cares, the customer service team cares and they treat you like a million bucks, even if you only spend $100.

Now, me and my stylish self have some stylish things to do. Toodles for now.

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