When It Hits The Fan

dog-on-treadmill**Not for those with a weak stomach**

I am reminded of a time where one of our engineers used to bring his Staffordshire Terrier into the office gym and let him run on the treadmill. Amazingly, the dog loved it and could run for quite a while. One day, however, while running, the dog had to do some “business”, if you know what I mean. And, business was dropped, all while the treadmill was still moving.

You can just imagine the new “decor” on the wall behind the exercise machine.

This situation definitely puts a spin on the phrase “when s*** hits the fan”.

Sorry to gross you out–I do have a point with this!

Sometimes things get crappy. And, sometimes, the crap gets flung against the wall and stuck in the gears of the machine. The machine may break and the exercise machine company may have to come out and give it a more detailed cleaning too.

But, is that reason to run and hide? To pretend it never happened? To completely give up hope?

Nope, put on the cleaning gloves and get to work!

While this may be easier said than done the majority of the time, it can still be done. It may not be as perfectly clean as it was before. It may take a long while to finally get to every nook and cranny. And, no one may ever look at that treadmill or that pup the same way again…but it must be done to move forward.

That said, I hope this story made an impact on your day.

Now, here’s a video for your viewing pleasure:


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