2 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Communicate With Your Customer Right Now

imagesI’m going to keep this post short, sweet and to the point.

There are two ridiculously simple ways that you can communicate with your customers RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Two ridiculously simple ways to build trust and stronger relationships with your customers RIGHT NOW. So, put down that latte (you can pick it back up when we’re done) and get ready to enhance the customer experience with these two simple little communication tips:



1. Say “Thank You”

A little gratitude goes a long, long way. Giving an honest “thank you” shows you appreciate your customer as the person they are and for their business. This in turn gives your customer confidence that they are spending their hard earned dollars with a company that cares. There are many ways to say thanks:

Your Challenge: Pick one or two customers today that you can say thank you to…and do it!

2. Checking In

Most often, it’s what the customer is not saying that matters the most. Reaching out to your customers to check in and make sure all is going well with their service is encouraging and motivating. If things are not right, it’s an opportunity to put on your Customer Service Super Hero cape and get to work! This all just goes right back to the fact that you are a “customer company” that cares.

Your Challenge: Get a list together of some customers that you have not heard from in a while and reach out to them.

Now, back to that latte.




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