3 Qualities That Make A Customer Service Superstar

keep-calm-because-you-re-a-star-3What makes someone a SUPERSTAR of customer service?

Superstars of customer service enhance the customer experience–for internal and external customers–day in and day out. They take great service up 10 notches and knock the ball out of the park on every interaction they have.

Let me tell you about two bright stars I currently work with on a regular basis.

Danielle and Melissa both began their customer service journey as Tier 1 CSRs, answering customer calls, chats and emails. They gained valuable experience on the front lines that eventually helped them progress into Supervisors. They are amazing at what they do and I learn so much from them every day.

So, what qualities make them so good at what they do? From my perspective, working with them every day, here are the three that stand out:

**3 Qualities That Make A Customer Service Superstar**

Saying YES To Challenges

Put something difficult on the plate of a superstar and a they won’t shy away. Superstars admit they don’t know how to do something but they will do whatever it takes to learn it and complete the job. They see opportunities of awesome to expand their knowledge within each difficult situation. Then, they’ll go even further to document what they learned to have as a resource for others who may encounter it down the road. When our Tier 3 technical team dissolved and our customer service lead & supervisor team had those tickets dropped in their laps, they spent a full week diving into learning new and complex topics with a positive outlook. Sure, they were tired at the end of the day (this stuff isn’t easy) but they fought through it and came out on top by clearing out the tickets in less than a month.

Saying YES To Guiding Others

Perhaps a member of the customer service team doesn’t know how to solve an issue and they ask for help. A superstar of customer service won’t back down–they will make themselves available, guide the representative to their resources, explain the reasons for resolution and stick with them until it’s done, even when they have 10 situations to tackle at one time! It really is a beautiful scene to watch the ever patience Melissa or Danielle helping out one of their team, leading them to the fix and seeing the light bulb appear above their heads when it finally clicks.

Saying YES To Creative Solutions

Sometimes, customer service problems require creative solutions. It takes a superstar to quickly filter through all available options and think outside the box for a solution to assist the customer or their representative. And, if the superstar is not sure, they’ll ask other members of their team for input to truly enhance the resolution. The rest of the team learns by example from such good leadership and will carry this over to their customers when assisting them.

While this is a condensed version of the recipe for customer service superstardom, these three are very necessary. A giant thanks to Melissa and Danielle for being incredible, leading the team, taking the initiative and motivating others, every day, even during “afternoon funky time” (which is about 2pm when everyone in the office wants to take a nap and gets a little silly due to the sleepiness). You two are awesome, I appreciate everything you do and it is an honor to work with you.


P.S. I’m really lucky to say that I have an incredible team that I work with at Phone.com, many of which display these same superstar qualities every day as well. I don’t want to leave anyone out so I’m writing this disclaimer. You know who you are 🙂




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