3 Reasons Why New Employee Feedback Benefits YOUR Business

feedbackWe all know feedback is a gift.

We’re given an inside glimpse of something we see every day from an outside, fresh pair of eyes.

We’re able to take that information, make changes and grow our company.

And of course, feedback from customers is the most common place to begin to obtain these gems of awesome.

But wait…there’s more!

While looking outside is ideal, looking inside is just as important.

We just hired four new customer service representatives.

Each person has a fresh perspective of our company as a whole. They are seeing it for the first time, from the customer side AND from the employee side.

What they share with the management about their experience can be incredibly valuable.


3 Reasons Why New Employee Feedback Benefits YOUR Business

 Training Matters

The onboarding process is extremely important for your new employees as well as for future employees. Surveying your new team members afterward for feedback about their experience, strengths and weaknesses of their training process can better your company as a whole. Each person has a new way to see the material and this can benefit everyone else down the road. This makes training smoother for everyone involved, which gets your agents on the phone quicker and taking calls, feeling confident and empowered which in turns keeps your customers happy.

For example, two new representatives at our company said they’d like to see more quizzes at the end of each training session to help gage their knowledge of the material. We have now incorporated this into our training sessions for future reps.

Employee/Customer Experience

The Employee/Customer Experience is a unique one. In the early days of your new reps time at your company, they are almost considered both–seeing the product for the first time, like a new customer as well as learning the ins and outs of the product. Being aware of this great opportunity and asking questions along the way about it can open the doors to many feature requests or other improvements that you may not have otherwise had. This keeps your customers rolling in with smiles on their faces.

So, take full advantage of surveying your new employees to get that insight you would otherwise not have had. And, make sure to thank them because they don’t have to give it to you!

Feedback Is A Part Of Your Culture

Having the grounds to voice your opinion on various training and features is incredibly important for your employees. Setting up easy ways for them to do this costs little to nothing. Some ideas:

  • A Google Form
  • QuestionPro or another survey platform
  • One on one meetings
  • Group discussions

This empowers your employees to give input into how the company is and opens the door to so many invaluable options to grow your business. Motivating your team to share their thoughts opens the door to an inspired culture.




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  • Home run…and just in time. I am about to talk to a friend of mine about the importance of feedback and empowerment and your post is a great resource. Thanks Jenny. xo

    • Wow! Talk about great timing then 🙂 I really hope this post helped spur a great discussion with your friend!

  • Interesting read Jenny, especially the feedback section.
    I believe most companies fail to provide a good feedback system and employee voices don’t get heard.

    • Wesley, you’re so right – they really do fail to provide this. It’s not easy to implement, that’s for sure! Thanks for reading this post and sharing your thoughts, my friend 🙂

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