5 Customer Service Tips From My Dog

Miso SmileThis is my dog, Miso. He is a 9 year old Pekingese. He’s the doggone best dog in the whole world and deserves endless amounts of cookies (okay, he made me write that, but I agree, it’s true. The first part at least.). He also has his own Instagram (miso_monster) so make sure to follow him.

Miso has taught me a thing or two about life through him just being his adorable, wise and noble self. And, he’s taught me a thing or two about customer service. It cost me some extra apple slices and blueberries (he loves those natural treats) but he is graciously allowing me to gather his knowledge on the subject and share it with you.


Customer Service Tips from Miso the Dog

Tip 1: Sniff It Out

It’s all yours to sniff–every nook and cranny. Smell every last bit, even that one blade of grass for five minutes, because you never know what you’ll find. Don’t leave any tree or fire hydrant un-sniffed. The answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know are all right under your nose.

Tip 2: Chew On It

Whether it’s a bone or a shoe, allow yourself proper time to chew and enjoy. Give yourself this moment to really savor what you’re working on, bite by bite, and let it really sink in. You’ll thank yourself later that you took the extra seconds to focus.

Tip 3: Know When It’s Nap Time and Know When It’s Play Time

When I want to nap, I nap. I curl up in some rather uncomfortable looking position, turn on the drool and conk out. I define this time for myself because I know I need my energy for later. When I want to play, I play. I set aside the time for fun because well, what’s the purpose of anything without some fun?

Tip 4: Get Excited About The Little Things

When it comes down to it, the little things make up the big picture. One blueberry or French fry from Shake Shack on my tongue can go a long way. That ride in the car with my head out the window and the breeze blowing my ears back is priceless. That relaxing belly rub after a walk in the park together means everything to me. Pay attention to the small stuff and realize that it’s all puzzle pieces in the larger picture of experience.

Tip 5: Bark It Out

If someone rings the doorbell, even if it’s on TV, make sure to let everyone know.  If you have something to say, say it. Don’t keep it smooshed down under your tail–let it free! Open communication beats closed communication, always.

Now, where are my treats?


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