5 Reasons To Say Goodbye To Negativity

positivityandawesomenessI’ve discovered something about myself recently.  I can be a really negative person.  I mean a real “glass half empty” sort of guy.  There have been many times I have tried to mask my negativity as realism or honesty–but I’m realizing that most of the time, it’s called negativity.

It’s a difficult thing to admit given that I generally consider myself a happy, likable person.  Here are a few reasons I am making a concerted effort to say goodbye to negativity.

1. Negativity will eat you alive- It’s a proven fact that you can’t entertain a negative thought in passing.  If you let it take hold, it will eventually become debilitating.  It will captivate your mind.

2. Negativity spreads- If you entertain those negative thoughts long enough, you become a virtual TMZ for your friends, family and colleagues.  Whether you speak it or just wear it in your body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, others sense it and it wears off on them.

3. Negativity debilitates- Have you ever tried to be productive with a negative mindset?  When I really let a negative thought captivate me, I kiss productivity goodbye.  At work, this might mean I stare at my monitor, dwelling on the negative thought.  At home, this is where I do some of my best TV watching and ice cream eating.

4. Negativity travels- It’s easy to say that I’m going to leave any negativity from home at home or negativity from work at work.  It just doesn’t work like that.  If I have a bad day at work, I inevitably bring it home with him and it absolutely affects the time I spend with my family.

5. Negativity is a choice- Oftentimes when I am negative about something, it’s a situation I have no control over.  It might simply be a juicy piece of news that I heard about someone or something.  For situations I can control, I have an opportunity to communicate better with those involved.

There are so many reasons to say goodbye to negativity and embrace positivity.  I’m not stating anything new what I say that positivity and negativity are both choices–but they are both just that.

How am I going to be more positive?  Some folks have their swear jars.  I’ve created a positivity jar.  Anytime I really let a negative thought take root, I’m putting in a dollar in exchange for positivity.

On that note, thanks for reading my post today!  How’s that for some positivity?


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  • Great post Jeremy. When given the choice (and we all have a choice) choose POSITIVE over negative every time. You are the best! xo

  • Jeremy – your candor is one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog.

    The truth is that humans are naturally influenced by the negative more than the positive. The lie we tell ourselves is we’re mostly positive, but as you point out, our behavior often disagrees.

    Your suggestion to consciously focus on being more positive is essential. We can’t control our instincts, but we can become more aware of them and do a better job of working with them.

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