3 Tips For An Encore Customer Experience

One of the many amazing reasons people love this race!

One of the many amazing reasons people love this race!

In a world of poor customer experiences, the rare occasion arises where I can’t help but write a follow up post about a recent experience.  Last month I wrote about my experience completing the Big Sur Marathon.  It was a fantastic experience, but since that post, three things have occurred that took my experience to a new level.

Post-race Survey

I know surveys are pretty much par for the course but not for races.  I actually received an email survey after the race asking for my feedback.  I have run many races and this is the first post-race survey.  It’s as if even races have customers and are concerned hearing their feedback.

Keep Your Promises

In my previous post, I talked about my exploding gear bag.  When I contacted the race coordinator asking if they could replace my lost race shirt, I received a timely reply indicating they would replace it.  Sure enough, my shirt arrived a few days later.  How often do we hold our breath when a company makes a promise half expecting them to NOT follow through?  Receiving that shirt as promised was simply a breath of fresh air.

Major In The Unexpected

As if the experience wasn’t good enough already, the Big Sur Marathon took it to a new level.  Last week I received a copy of the Monterey Herald from the day after the race.  The marathon was on the cover and I was able to find my name among the finishers in the sports page.  Mom, I made it in the newspaper!

The cool thing about this experience is that it is light years ahead of any other race I’ve finished. I am assuming that my experience is consistent with that of the other race participants.  That means that the Big Sur Marathon has made a WOW level of service their standard.  The race sells out in an hour, and prior to running it, I assumed it was because of the amazing scenery.  While the scenery sells itself, the customer experience is equally incredible!


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