A Customer Experience To Chomp On

dentist-hand-holding-a-syringe-making-a-numb-shot-for-woman-patient-horizontal-shot-e1390035989666I’m proud to say that I made it to my early 30s with absolutely NO cavities!


I do however have a few teeth with receding gum lines. Ick!

But, dental magicians can take care of this in no time!

It required me to receive some giant shots in my gums to numb my mouth. Ouch!

Then, they painted on a substance then proceed to ground down on this substance as it dried. The process took about 20 minutes total.

As I was leaving, they only told me to not drink anything dark (wine, soda, coffee, etc.) for the next 24 hours. Easy enough!

By the time I left my appointment, it was lunch time. I didn’t eat breakfast and I was ready to dive into a tasty salad.

I am at home, eating my Whole Foods salad bar to-go salad and enjoying every bite.

I found it slightly hard to chew on my left side as it was still completely numb. So, I just chewed on my right.

I am chomping down when I start to taste blood.

I realize that my left lip was completely numb and while I was munching on my salad, I was munching on my own lip at the same time.

Looking into the mirror, I found my entire left lip torn apart from my ravenous chewing. Still numb, I could not feel the pain. It wore off later and well, that was SO MUCH FUN!

Why did I just put you through this lovely scene?

The attention to detail on the AFTER situation was definitely not addressed.

We may help our customers with the present situation but if we’re not proactive about after we send them on their way, they may chomp down on some gnarly situations.

Ok, ok…so common sense should have been put into place by my own brain. But, I had not experienced a numb mouth like this before and just didn’t know what to expect.

Customers may not always know what to expect AFTER they leave your helping hands. 

The dentist office may have just assumed that I’d know I shouldn’t really eat anything until the numbing wore off. Or, that I should be mindful of the location of my teeth when biting down on my lunch. But, they didn’t. And, while they were amazingly detailed during the visit, it’s the after visit that left me with a swollen and sore lip, which I’ll always remember more so than the friendly visit.

So–keep this in mind the next time you’re working with a customer. Before you send them on their way, what are some problems, no matter how small and silly they may seem, they may encounter later on? How can YOU help prevent a gnarly situation?



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