A Day of Good Service

Hey readers, how was your day?  Mine was awesome!  It started with a trip to the dentist and ended with my car being towed home.  Don’t believe me?  Let me break it down for you.

After four years of no dentist visits I finally ventured back for an exam and cleaning.  I’ll preface this by saying that I loathe going to the dentist.  At best I feel like I’m just one big opportunity to be upsold for the premium fillings.  Well this time I went to the office of a friend I went to college with and I’ll tell you, he didn’t disappoint.

The office was warm and inviting and the receptionist and the assistant who took me back to the office were extremely friendly.  They genuinely wanted to know how I was doing.  My friend Thomas did not disappoint at all.  I’m not sure if you guys think on this wavelength but the entire visit just gave off a great vibe.  Yes I still hate going to the dentist but an authentic customer service experience ensures that I will return.

Totally random side note but did you see the prank Jim and Pam pulled on Dwight while Jim was at the dentist?  That may have been one of the best intros to The Office ever.  That is saying a lot given we’re in season 9.

Fast forward to my commute home this afternoon.  All of a sudden, my car was unable to drive more than 20 MPH right as I was merging onto the freeway!  I called Farmers Help Point and after pressing 1 about 7 times I made it to a customer service representative.  The agent did a fantastic job.  She clearly recognized I was in a difficult spot and used a ton of empathy.  Round that out with the fact that the guy that towed me to the mechanic was super friendly and the the mechanic was accommodating when I left my car overnight.

When I go to bed tonight and think about today I will not say “Today was a crappy day.”  Instead, I will go to bed thankful for the five or six people that helped make what could have been a bummer of a day a great day.  As customer service professionals, never, ever forget that you have the power to make each customer’s day.  Let’s not take that responsibility and opportunity lightly!


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