A Flowery Customer Experience Is Worth Every Penny

floweryexperienceMy wife loves flowers–and in particular, gerber daisies.  There’s one catch.  To her there’s a huge difference between the oh-by-the-way flower purchase from Costco or the grocery store and flowers purchased from a shop.  I’m tempted to spell it “shoppe” instead.  Heck, the surprise of flowers delivered by ProFlowers is preferred over the grocery store.

Last Saturday, my boys and I were out collecting items for Mother’s Day and we were headed to the local grocery store for flowers and balloons when we happened upon Allen’s Flowers.

Immediately upon walking in the door, I was greeted by a friendly florist who asked what we were looking for.  I asked for a variety of gerber daisies.  She proceeded to picked them out and the boys and I watched as she assembled them into a beautiful bouquet.  If you’ve never watched a florist do this, it’s a work of art.  On a side note, Allen’s wraps wire around the stems of their gerber daisies which prevents them from drooping.  That was a first for me.

Another florist came and helped my oldest son write little cards for him and his brothers.  He then helped them pick out balloons and secured them to their arms so they wouldn’t fly away.  My crazy, active boys were treated like welcomed guests rather than loud, snotty annoyances.

In the end, the price was a bit higher than a grocery store but the combination of a beautiful bouquet, a friendly smile, and a little TLC for my kids convinced me that it was worth every penny.  That’s the power of an AWESOME customer experience.  



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