A Little Post about a Big Pet Peeve

I love Starbucks, don’t get me wrong. If there’s anywhere I’m going to get my coffee from, it’s the ‘bux. I worked there back in the day and love to pay homage to one of the places that taught me many wonderful things about great customer service.

But, there are always those experiences, few and far between, where I will go into a Starbucks and the baristas act like the cool kids in high school, give attitude and don’t acknowledge you. Let me explain:

Of course, I had a few errands to run on Black Friday. They couldn’t wait. I’m out and about, there’s traffic and I’m flustered. Ahhh Starbucks shines like a glistening light as I drive down the road. I make a left turn into the parking lot and I already feel much more calm.

I grab the book I’m reading and walk in. While one barista who is doing a “spin” (at least, that’s what we called them) does say “hello”, the girl at the register stands there waiting for me to approach with a disgruntled look on her face. I’m the one who says “hi” first. “What would you like?” she states. I order then sit down. My drink is ready shortly afterward and I’m up at the bar. The drink is at the far end of the bar, so I have to reach out to actually grab it. I always like to say “thanks” to the barista and while I do this, the barista completely ignores me and starts talking to her co-worker about going to some party and getting drunk.

I am all for happy, commonplace conversation in the workplace but I’m  not all for ignoring your customer’s “thank you”. I also kind of expected a “thanks” from the barista too. Or at least, a “You’re welcome, have a great day!” Maybe my expectations are too high? No, it’s usually not this bad. But, now I know for sure, I’m not going to visit this location again.

Though, I must add–the pumpkin spice latte is a little taste of heaven! Cheers!

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  • Great post Jenny! Please and thank you are staples for success in customer service and in life. Parents teach your kids early and often. Adults, if your parents didn’t teach this to you gain some self awareness and learn it. It is critical. So simple and yet so critical.

  • I just had to add a follow up comment about this. I did return to the location (it’s convenient) and this time, they actually forgot my drink entirely. I stood there for almost about 6 minutes waiting. I was not in a rush and was texting, so I somewhat lost track of time. The barista approached me asking what I had. He looked extremely stressed out and dropped his head, saying “sorry” about 10 times, then tossed two free drink coupons to me. He literally tossed them. It was like he was more embarrassed than anything. While I won’t pass up a free drink, I must admit his delivery could have been different. It could have been less “I’m an idiot” type reaction and more of a “people make mistakes, I’m sorry, let me fix this” reaction. I may blog more about this later, but had to add the comment for now!

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