A Much Needed Reminder

article_6f778aa8e4354dfa_1357217996_9j-4aaqskJeremy is known for his insightful RWRs (Revelations while running) . It dawned on me I have these all the time—but rather, while taking public transportation. There is so much wisdom (and interesting stories) to find when you’re surrounded by large groups of people, all waiting to get somewhere else. So, here is my first ROPT (Revelations on Public Transportation) post. (I took out the “while” but you get the point).


I’m standing at the bus stop and feel droplets of rain begin to fall on my skin. The large group of us, all waiting for the bus, cram under the tiny awning. Whether we want to be close or not, we’re stuck, cramming together. I’m tired from a long day and just want to be at home. An older man standing next to me says with a huge grin, “Oh, this surprise rain!” I look at him and say, “Yeah, this sucks.” (I wish I could say I’m always positive…I try, trust me I do). He looks at me and says,

But, without it, we wouldn’t have water to drink. And the trees wouldn’t be so green. And, it’s all rather beautiful, isn’t it? It’s how you look at it though. Your choice.

It felt like a slap in the face. Come on, Jenny. You know this. And, the rain did feel rather refreshing considering it was almost 90 degrees just prior to the storm breaking.

I say with a smile, “You’re right–it is your choice. I guess I needed a reminder today to look at things with some positive light. Thanks for being that reminder.

His reply, “Well kid, sure. Just me saying it out loud to you helps it stick in my mind too, so in turn, you helped me. We’re all in this together, after all.

The bus then arrives and takes us away.


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  • Yo Jenny! Great post and a great reminder. I love the new category. I think you’ll like my counter post for Wednesday 🙂

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