An Airline Magazine Showcases Company Values

Airline magazines – do you read them?

You know, the magazines that are tucked away in the seatback container in front of you when you fly, next to the barf bag and emergency instructions?

Usually, these magazines are full of questionable advertisements, travel stories, flight information and a half completed crossword puzzle on which a previous passenger gave up.

Leave it to Southwest to showcase their company values in a magazine that few read. My goal with this post is hopefully to encourage you to read the airline magazine on your next flight.

What caught my attention to the July 2017 issue of Southwest, The Magazine during a flight back home to San Diego was a section called Our Star. In this section, a Southwest Flight Attendant named Laurie Liss shares her story about providing handmade travel pillows to active military members and veterans. You can read her story online here too.

Southwest does not ask her to make these pillows. But, they do support, empower and recognize the creativity and dedication that she gives to customers. Can you imagine seeing a veteran receiving a handmade American themed pillow by a flight attendant? Such a simple recognition that makes a huge impact. How amazing would it be to work for a company that puts the power of the customer experience in the hands of those on the front lines?

That’s not all about the magazine that caught my attention.

Gary Kelly, the Chairman and CEO, has a section called, Gary’s Greeting, that in this issue, features Five Characteristics of Effective Leaders. For someone in such a high position to take the time to talk about leadership showcases another value in this company.

And, these two stories are in the first few pages of the magazine!

They also feature an A-List employee from the Marketing team as she discusses how leadership can happen in any role, no matter what level. Wow, imagine someone in a call center telling you that their tier 1 agents can be leaders!

There’s a spotlight on the Coordination and Scheduling team, an employee community outreach article, and, before you reach the advertisement about hair regrowth, there’s a section on customer stories. In fact, did you know that you can read even more customer stories (and submit your own) online at Southwest Stories?

It’s clear that Southwest is an airline that truly values their employees and customers. But, you can’t believe everything you read, right?

What makes these stories believable are the actions that the company takes to ensure that their employees and customers are taken care with consistent, above average service. They clearly stand together for their values, even at 30,000 feet in the air.

Do you share these values? How could you incorporate showcasing your company values, that you live and breathe by, to your customers? 


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