A 4-Star Recipe to Great Customer Service


Pretending like I know what I’m doing.

I did not inherit the cooking gene, that’s for sure. I grew up in awe of my grandmother, whipping up amazing meals; homemade pizzas, casseroles, cakes, lemon meringue pies…I am getting hungry and nostalgic just writing this.

So, when it comes to me making food to share with others, it’s always a challenge. Even with the simplest of recipes, I find a way to mess it up.

At a holiday baking party a few years ago, I managed to use baking soda in a recipe that called for only baking powder. Or, the time I didn’t pre-bake my pie crust and the fruit pie sunk through the bottom, leaving no bottom crust whatsoever. Or, the time I accidentally grabbed garlic powder and sprinkled it in the recipe that called for cinnamon. Or, when I didn’t set a timer and completely forgot there were cookies baking in the oven until I smelled the burning.

The most obvious solution to getting through a meal I have prepared is to just cover it up by drinking more wine. Everything tastes better that way!

So, after giving my food faux pas some deeper thought, I realized what I’m doing wrong.

A Four Star Recipe for Disaster in the Kitchen

  • I’m not paying attention.
  • I’m multi-tasking.
  • I’m being impatient.
  • I’m being irresponsible.

It then stood out to me that these are the things, in customer service, we try so hard to avoid.

A Four Star Recipe to Great Customer Service

  • Pay attention.
  • Focus on one thing at a time.
  • Be patient.
  • Be responsible.

I do a decent job with that at work so why can’t I do it in the kitchen? Or, in other aspects of my life? Does anyone else feel this way? Am I asking too many questions?

I’m baking an apple pie for this Thanksgiving. Yikes!

My challenge is to use the four points above, a recipe you could say, for customer service in the kitchen. The pie is my customer! Maybe if I think that way, the pie will turn out well. Fingers crossed.

If the pie turns out well..or it does not, I’ll be Tweeting my experiences so be on the lookout!

And in the meantime,  have a happy holiday!


Now I know you won’t be coming to dinner at my house any time soon…

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  • Love this post Jenny and love it when your creativity really shines through in your writing! If and when you ever come to the Watkin house for dinner you can just sit back and relax. We’ll do the cooking 🙂

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