Brewing Up Awesome Customer Service

beer-varietyThere are only four ingredients used to make beer:

  1. Water
  2. Hops
  3. Barley
  4. Yeast

It’s the quality of these ingredients that make all the difference. It’s the time and dedication put into the brewing process that gives it the distinction.

Cheap ingredients or fillers used in the mass production of beer will lessen the value and the experience.

The same can be said for customer service: Simple, grade-A elements blended together to create a delightful concoction.

These ingredients may differ for your company, based on your culture and values.

Here’s what makes up the brew in my glass:

  1. Efficiency and Attention to Detail
  2. Friendliness and Empathy
  3. Reliability and Responsibility
  4. Quality

I recently brewed five gallons of Belgian blonde ale–all by myself. In the past, I brewed with friends. Diving into the home brew process on my own was overwhelming yet extremely rewarding. With the spills and splashes, curse words and “oopsie daises”, the scene must have been that of a comedy (thank goodness it was only my dog watching). But, I learned so much diving head first into this project! After sanitizing, bottling and capping over 50 12-oz bottles of beer, my tiny studio apartment smelled heavily like a hoppy brewery (which isn’t entirely a bad thing, I suppose). However, not knowing if the finished product would be of any decent quality left more mystery to the experience.

The first sip of the beer was heavenly, the second, divine. I managed to create something people have been doing for thousands of years in my own kitchen.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that we must all get hands on with the whole experience of customer service. Be part of the creation and the finished product. Find lessons in the messes and the stresses to truly appreciate and savor the brew that we create.

On that note, CHEERS!









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  • Jeremy Watkin

    Wow, I must have been on vacation. I guess this is what I get 🙂 In all seriousness, this is a terrific insight Jenny. That’s some great customer service you’re brewing!

  • This is a great analogy. I’ve toured a few breweries, plus a few whisky distilleries, and too many wineries to count. It’s amazing how different and varied the results are.

    You are so right that it’s the attention to detail that produces a superior result, whether it’s service or alcohol.

    • Thanks Jeff! Always so interesting touring the breweries and such. I love the process behind the beverages. And yes—it’s truly that attention to detail that makes all the difference, alcohol or not. It’s that detail that makes the drink one you return to again and again!

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