Breaking the Ice Episode #52: Alarm Clocks & Social Media No-nos w/ Scott Ontiveroz

In Episode #52 we were privileged to break the ice with our good friend Scott Ontiveroz whom we enjoy collaborating with during the weekly #ICMIChat on Twitter. Scott is the Digital Advertising Director for SPS DGTL.

We broke the ice by sharing the first thought that go through our heads when our alarms go off in the morning. Hopefully you’re not shocked at the lack of profundity in our answers. We then shared some of the no-nos that companies and individuals commit on social media. We do in fact have profound thoughts for that question.

Here are the questions for this episode:

Icebreaker Question: What is your first thought when your alarm goes off in the morning?

Customer Service Question: What’s one thing individuals and companies do a whole lot of on social media that’s just plain wrong?

Leave us a comment with your answers to these questions and be sure to follow Scott on Twitter.

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