Celebrate Customer Service Week With Us!

celebrateOctober 6th to 10th is National Customer Service Week where we celebrate everything customer service, of course!

There are a ton of fab ideas out there on how to celebrate, including Shep Hyken’s (@hyken) post Ten Customer and Employee Focused Ideas for National Customer Service Week.

Here are the awesome ways Phone.com is going to celebrate this week, breaking down each day of the week with our service vision:


Customer Service Paint Night 

Let’s spend some QUALITY time together and have our very own Customer Service Paint Night! You’ll be given a canvas, paint and free reign to create what customer service means to YOU. Does it mean a field full of sunflowers or is it abstract art splatters? We’ll also have magazines and decoupage if you’d prefer to make a collage.  We’ll be hanging these beautiful pieces of artwork in the office for all to see. Dinner will be provided for grumbling tummies!


Customer Service Choose Your Own Adventure

You have a CHOICE so why not make it a fun one? We’ll have CSR story time where we share stories of service and YOU choose the outcome. We’ll also have a Choose Your Own Adventure hat floating around where you can draw a fun, mystery adventure of your own!


Customer Service Super Hero Dress Up Day

We are Customer Service Super Heroes creating VALUE with the solutions we provide to customers. So, let’s show everyone what we got! DRESS UP as your favorite super hero (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) OR create your own (Porting Diva, Super Support Man, Captain Networking, etc.). Wear your costume to work all day!

Thank You Thursday

Let’s show each other how much we CARE and appreciate them!
For Customers: Write a caring email to an unsuspecting customer or give a customer you work with but haven’t heard from recently a call to just say HI. However you want to show you care, do it today!

For Our Team: Write a THANK YOU card or make your own card and give to a few co-workers sharing how much you care or thank them for their amazing work, just like a Smile. Drop the cards on their desks throughout the day. **Thank you cards will be provided in the office**


Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

Leadership will walk a mile in the CSRs’ shoes doing front line support. We’ll also be completely ACCESSIBLE to answer all your questions in real time in the office. Also, get ready to finish the week off at Jeremy, Jenny and Melissa’s Sundae Shoppe: Where we’ll get behind the counter and serve YOU sundaes, just as you like them, with all the fixins!

So, get ready to join in on the fun for the rest of the week to share in on how each event went. We’ll be posting pictures and Tweeting throughout the day!




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