The Chickens Never Saw It Coming

Me and my favorite hen, 1998

Me and my favorite hen, 1998

I would like to preface this post by saying that no chickens were hurt. Ever. I loved those birds and simply wanted to have fun.

Now that PETA can lay off my back, I will continue to share my story.

Two words:

Chicken Bowling

It was my job to feed the chickens in the morning. I scooped out a coffee can full of seeds and throw it out on the dirt for all the chickens to munch on. The birds made happy clucking noises as they venture over to eat their breakfast.

As the birds gathered for their meal, I would go find the soccer ball that my sister and I would kick around on the lawn.

Then, I would pick up the soccer ball with my hands, swing my arms and roll the ball right into the center of the flock of breakfasting birds.

They would squawk wildly and jump into the air as the ball rolled right through their close knit circle.

Full of giggles, I’d wake up the neighborhood with the commotion.

This is another story I tell to others that usually returns awkward laughs from those who are not sure if they really should be laughing at such a thing.

But, if we can take anything away from this, it is:

  • Chicken bowling is a unique game that you should only play if you go hug each and every chicken afterward. And, give them extra food as an apology.
  • There is fun around every corner, just be creative! Even when you’re stuck feeding fowl before school in the mornings and you end up walking to the bus smelling like a chicken coop.
  • Anyone who has never had chickens is totally missing out and will most likely not understand this story.

Does this have anything to do with customer service? Perhaps! Does this have everything to do with communicating another story from my unique childhood? Absolutely!


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