Clean Up Your Customer Service Act

1391764707mfm415shutterstock_cleaning-productsMy sister runs a house cleaning company.

She’s darn good at it.

A last minute assignment came up and both of her employees were unavailable.

So, guess who got to be her cleaning assistant?

Let me tell you–I enjoy cleaning. Yes, I’m weird. I don’t consider myself a complete clean freak, but I cannot stand clutter and I just like a clean space.

When my sister asked me to assist her at a large cleaning job, which just happened to be the office I work in, I jumped at the chance. Little did I realize how much work cleaning actually is.

Within a cleaning gig, there are a list of tasks you must accomplish. Each task requires a different cleanser, cleaning towel and sometimes, a scrubber. You have to get down and dirty, hands and knees, with open eyes for tiny specks and details and pick up all the old and moldy grime.

And, when you are dusting off the base boards with spider webs and splatters of food and crumbs around it, your perspective starts to shift. Not just from, “OH man, I am much messier than I thought!” but to “Wow, it really IS the little things that make the biggest impact!

While I spent my time scrubbing away singing, “Whistle while we work!”, I thought about just how important the tiny details in customer service are.

How many things that we don’t even notice on a daily basis–the streaks left on glass after we clean it, the few crumbs hiding under the side of the desk that we didn’t vacuum or the gook stuck in the back of the cabinet on the third shelf that you can’t really see all too well.

How can we shift our perspective to pay attention to the nitty gritty details in customer service to make the biggest impact on the overall picture, as if we were deep cleaning an entire office or even our own home?

While this post is also highlighting the importance of a tidy desk (do you want to have a roach or mouse hanging out with you?) it should shed some light on the tiny things that you may overlook, even when you think you have done the best job ever–what else is there?

PS: I ended up doing an sparkling job, of which I am very proud of!


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