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Our first order of cookies from CookiesOnDemand!!!

In the past five plus years of writing this blog, I’ve come to understand and believe that we prefer to do business with those we have meaningful connections with. Whether the company is big or small, if a customer trusts the person they’re speaking with, the company has a loyal customer.

Another thought: In our Amazon/Walmart/Target culture it’s so easy to be completely detached from the products we buy and the hands that made them. I think since learning about Askinosie Chocolate I’m realizing that, wherever possible, I want to buy from people I know, trust, and who are not only making food or products, but also making a difference.

It’s with that in mind that I want to shamelessly mention three companies I’m buying from and you should too.

Cura Coffee

I’m not sure how much coffee we purchased at the store before we finally said, “Enough is enough” and signed up for a monthly coffee shipment from Cura Coffee. Started by my friend and dentist Thomas Fitzpatrick, he sources coffee via fair trade directly from Nicaragua and uses profits to provide dental care to more than 650 coffee farming families who otherwise don’t have access to dental care.

Grizzlies Brand

We consume a lot of granola in our household. I was recently at the grocery store looking at boxed cereals when I remembered that I could get Grizzlies Brand granola over in the bulk bins. I have a good friend that works there and know that they source many of their ingredients locally here in Eugene, Oregon and make high quality food. So I reached out to that friend and am now buying my cereal directly from them.

Cookies on Demand

Do you have a person in your office that makes incredible cookies? I do and her name is Sheri Kendall-duPont. She’s our Manager of Colleague and Leadership Development at FCR. But as of today, she’s taken off that hat on weekends to start a cookie-making business where you can order online and have them delivered locally. We just placed our first order sugar and peanut butter cookies and they’re incredible. Furthermore, Sheri’s mission is to offer competency based employment opportunities to individuals experiencing Autism and it starts by creating an opportunity for her son. If you’re local, place an order and make a difference!

Do you know who makes the products you buy? For the most part I still don’t but when it comes to coffee, cereal, and cookies, I’m happy to buy from my friends. Chances are that you know a few folks making cool products. Buy from those you trust as much as you can and help them make a difference.

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