Out of the Comfort Zone and on to the Stage


Working in customer service is like being on the stage. You have to put your best face on, do your best and perform your best. It’s challenging and can be uncomfortable, but you do it because you want to help others and improve yourself. Right?

Item #6 on the “12 Things Successful People Do Differently” says, “They work outside of their comfort zone.” (I’m jumping out of order from my “12 things series“)

At work, I challenge myself day in and day out to ensure that I provide the most awesome customer service to both customers and the customer service team I work with. I tackle problems and find resolutions. I’m always trying to go above and beyond. I try my darndest to not let things in my personal life affect my behaviors and relationships with my team and customers.

I admire how Jeremy works his butt off and always challenges himself with running.  Seeing his hard work pay off from running marathons truly inspires me to try and dive into my own goals.

So, I decided to simmer down my “I can’t do this because I suck” voice and challenge myself with singing songs that I write and playing guitar. To people, outside of my apartment walls, instead of just my biggest fan, my dog.

My good friend encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I played an open mic night during my visit back home to San Diego. I stepped up to the stage and performed, nervously. No one booed me off stage. No Vaudeville hook carried me away. I’m not always in tune and I forget the words to my own songs.  I hit the wrong chords. I’m no Celine or Mariah nor do I attempt to even be close, but no tomatoes were thrown while I played therefore I consider that a success.

I played another last night in Philadelphia and wow, such a rush. And, it’s really cool to do well and prove yourself wrong. (It helps to have a group of awesome friends in the audience cheering you on too)!

I hope to continue this challenge, just for the sake of growing stronger in my life and stepping further and further out of my comfort zone.

My intention with this post is to encourage you to also step out of your comfort zone and take on challenges in and out of the office. I would really love to hear how you’re doing that, so please do share your stories with me!

If you have an extra moment, you can check out a recording from the San Diego open mic night by clicking here.


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