Creative Customer Service Experiences

Nothing sets you apart more, as a business, than the customer experience. I’ve read some pretty great stories recently and couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Southwest Airlines and Paper Airplanes

Layovers suck, hands down. But, the creative folks over at Southwest made these unhappy travelers into a group of pretty happy people…with a paper airplane contest while waiting for the flight. How’s that for turning negative into positive?

Town Hoax Leads to Free Tacos

Nice work, Taco Bell! The 6,000 person town of Bethel, Alaska was let down when they found out that a Taco Bell was not going to be built. However, that didn’t stop TB from flying in 950 lbs of beef…just to be nice. No “ulterior motives”. Generosity does pay off.


A soldier in Iraq wanted to surprise his wife with dinner for her birthday, so he ordered pizza delivery, thousands of miles away, from her favorite place. And, what a delivery they made! A heart shaped pizza pie, flowers and balloons…and didn’t charge him a thing. You must see this pizza!

Life Changed By Donuts

My absolute favorite is Jia Jiang’s (@jiajiang) challenge to set up the stage for a bad customer service experience…and finding the exact opposite. Click the title link to read the donut story then watch this video:

I’m actually really inspired by this and kinda want to try something along these lines…hmmm Jeremy, what do you think we go out into the world and create customer service experiences then blog about them?

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  • Wow that doughnut story is pretty amazing as are the others. I totally had a thought this morning that we should print out a paper symbol and take it around the world, take pictures with it in front of landmarks and put it up on our Facebook page. It is totally Flat Stanley but it sounds like fun. Maybe we incorporate stepping out of our comfort zone a bit more.

  • It’s pretty cool that, in this day and age, companies can get publicity purely because they do something awesome for their customers.

  • Nice story, but… I am almost sure that if you over do it with the doughnuts you might get rejected many more times. I know that I am trying to cut down on those 🙂

    Hey, in fact I am so cutting down on those that I recently routed my own personal doughnuts vanity number (855) MY-Donut, or (855) 693-6688 to the office instead of to the local doughnuts shop.

    Seriously, try it if you do not believe 🙂


  • HAHA totally just tried this, Alon. So, so funny!

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