An Adventure Into Customer Feedback

sharingfeedbackAs the Customer Success Manager for, I review and respond to a lot of valuable feedback. We learn so much from what our customers say in these survey responses that we send after each communication with our support team. We’re able to find common trends and see areas where we can improve. Because ultimately, our goal is to be more and more awesome every day and improve our customer satisfaction score. And the only way for us to learn about this is through the eyes of the customer.

Today, Jeremy (@jtwatkin) and I met to kick off a journey of analyzing the common trends from our customer feedback. It’s the start of something fresh and…well, a lot of work!

For example, we found 17 instances in a month where customers complained of delays with replies to their tickets, phone calls or chats. Yikes!

Jeremy, we’re sure on an adventure with this! After our meeting today, what were some of the major points you took away?

Jeremy- Hey Jenny. Well the example you cited was perfect.  On our regular customer satisfaction survey, we receive about 300 responses per month.  If we figure out how to improve our timeliness, those 17 responses all of a sudden turn into 17 more happy responses and 17 less potential canceled accounts.  It doesn’t take long to see how this work can improve our service and our business.

One of the real values to doing this is taking a step back to look at the feedback as a whole to see what we learn.  How do you challenge yourself to do this rather than going through one survey at a time and not connecting dots?

 Jenny-Good question! While we definitely want to respond to all feedback, going through one by one is time consuming and you definitely are limited in looking at the big picture. Sometimes you do have to step back and check out the big picture to see how we can improve as a whole. As we gain more insight into reviewing the trends, we will be able to not only give our customers an incredible experience but empower our support team with the tools and time they need to get things done right. I think this is super valuable stuff–do you think we should start sharing the data monthly with our team too? How do you feel it would be welcomed and understood by everyone?

Jeremy- Customer satisfaction is a huge team goal and something we need to emphasize daily, weekly, monthly so we improve it and then maintain a high level.  Isn’t it exciting to have something to work toward?  When we talk about being awesome, satisfied customers IS required!  Jenny, I definitely think we need to report our progress regularly as work toward this goal.

 Jenny-Three cheers to using feedback effectively! I’m looking forward to this journey with you!



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