Customer Service Article Round Up

janis-miglavs-cowboy-driving-cattle-with-lasso-through-central-oregon-usaWith so many great articles on customer service floating around in the social media universe, it’s hard to keep up. Here is a round up of my four favorite┬áposts from this week to tickle your fancy.


Empathy and Integrity: A Must To Rebuild Customer Trust

By: Kate Nasser

Trust is HUGE for your business and often people overlook this. If a customer doesn’t trust you, they probably won’t do business with you. Kate shares realistic advice to help rebuild customer trust when issues arise. “Empathize before you analyze” sums it up well.

Answer These Six Questions And Customers Will Love You

By: Erika Anderson

Appreciation, learning, saving time, relaxing…these are just a few of the things customers love! If you are beginning your journey into customer service, Erika’s post gives insight into six questions you can ask yourself to truly enhance your customer experience.

How To Please Your Customer In 16 Magical Ways

By: Doug Sandler

This is one post that needs to be printed out, decorated with glitter and hung in every customer service representative’s cubicle. Okay, maybe I’m the only one who would throw glitter on this already sparkling advice, but you know what I mean. Doug takes the customer experience and bumps it up several notches. You follow this advice and you’ll be the favorite of every customer from here on out.

How Companies Systematically Fail To Weigh Emotional Anchors

By: Jeff Toister

You’ll see a consistent trend when it comes to empathy toward your customer and Jeff’s post sums up WHY this is so important. Take a lesson from the customer perspective and remember that the customer is coming to you to help them because something isn’t right. There’s more to the story than just fixing the problem–you have quite the job to do!




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