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tumblr_m3kqasvqcS1ru0qy1o1_400Hey hot stuff! Did you know that you get hit on more often than not?

Maybe it’s not by cheesy dudes or sloshy ladies at a bar but rather by the way companies speak to you.

Advertising slogans are pick up lines, trying to reel you in with their smooth moves.

The way a company communicates to you is HUGE for business. Are their words powerful enough for you to take them home?

I recently was swept away with a sweet pick up line delivered to me by 1-800 Flowers (@1800flowers) through their automated email correspondence.

I placed an order for flowers for a customer and received this email when the order was about to be shipped:

Your gift has shipped – a smile is on its way!

I’m entranced by the “a smile is on its way”, mainly the “smile” part. Flowers do bring smiles, of course we all know this, but to receive the confirmation in such a happy tone definitely made me smile too.

They even refer to their employees as “friends”:

Our friends in shipping have just let us know that you recent order has been picked up and is on its way!

Then, they end the email with a kind note that they’ll check in with us again:

When your gift arrives, we’ll drop you another quick email to let you know it got there safe and sound.

Wow, they sure do know how to reel you in with words!

Overall, here’s what they did right to enhance the customer experience:

  1. Delivering smiles to the receiver of flowers and the party that bought them.
  2. Kindness to their employees with the reference of “friends”.
  3. Assuring their customer with a confirmation.

So, be on the lookout for customer service pick up lines. Are they knocking you down with disgust or sweeping you off your feet?

I’d also really love to hear more customer service pick up lines that you find so please do share!


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  • This is such a fun article. It’s nice to receive a notice that a package has shipped or an order has been confirmed. With a little creativity it can become more than the routine notification. And the examples in the article made me start thinking about customer service lines we could use to have fun with our clients.

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