Defining Your Own Customer Service Title

originalWhen I was a kid, I just didn’t fit in at school. I wasn’t a band geek, I didn’t play sports nor was I super intelligent. If you knew me back then, you may remember me as the super shy klutzy girl who loved Hanson, dyed my bangs neon pink, rode horses, played guitar, volunteered around town and laughed for no reason at pretty much everything. I never really knew how to define myself because I was all over the place and, at that time, was not proud of not fitting in to a certain niche because that meant you were not cool. And as a kid, who doesn’t want to be cool?

However, as I grew older (and wiser?) I have learned to embrace the fact that I just don’t fit in with one clique.

And, as I worked my way through various jobs, I finally found one where I “fit in”.

I’m quite a lucky gal to say that I work for a pretty incredible company.

And at this company, where we put customer service first on the list, I’m able to really define my own customer service.

With some recent company changes, I realized that my original job title didn’t quite seem to apply any longer. I was a bit frazzled with this, again, trying to understand just where I fit in, so I jokingly adjusted my direct email signature to:


Jenny Dempsey

Your Giggly Go To

Wearer of Many Hats

I had no clue that it would receive so many “I LOVE IT! TOTALY FITS YOU!” comments.

So, understandably, while not everyone can do this in a professional setting, if you do have the opportunity to–or even if you don’t, what would YOU pick for your the real title that you feel you deserve? What sums up what you do on a daily basis?

It’s an interesting expression of yourself–everyone sees your email signature and uses that to define who they are talking to.

I’m sure you can come up with some funny ideas and I’d love to hear them!




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  • I only wish everyone could define their title the way YOU do (me too). The world would probably be a bit more unique.

    Doug Sandler
    Nice Guy

  • Great challenge, Jenny. I think I’d like to be Chief Strengths Officer. I find tremendous fulfillment in understanding the strengths of others and putting them in positions to succeed.

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