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I am home today being “Mr. Mom” to my son Zack who’s sick.  What’s better to do on a sick day than sit around and watch movies?  First up was Toy Story!  What a terrific movie.  Now let me preface this by saying that I just finished reading “Be Our Guest” which is all about Disney’s commitment to creating happiness for their customers.

Anyway, so we got to the scene in Toy Story where Woody and Buzz are chasing the moving truck and they are holding onto the slinky dog and swerving all over the road.  In the moment where they swing really close to the parked cars, Andy’s little sister looks in the side mirror, sees them and giggles.  I’m sure you know how the rest of the story goes. Woody and Buzz light the rocket and ultimately land next to Andy through sun roof of the car and they all live happily ever after.

Wow, you totally missed what I’m trying to show you.  So in that moment where Andy’s sister sees Woody and Buzz in the mirror did you pay attention to what was playing on the radio?  Anybody?

Hakuna Matata!  I mean the song from the Lion King is playing on the radio!  How many people miss that little detail?

Maybe reading the Disney book has opened my eyes to this but if you watch a Disney movie, there are countless examples like this where little details were added to enhance the experience of the viewer.  To put forth a quality product and give quality customer service, the details are so important.  Walt Disney knew this and that’s what made him great.  Walt Disney passed away in 1966 and yet almost 50 years later this Disney commitment to quality is as alive as ever.  It’s ingrained in their culture.

So my question to you is, how are you doing with attention to detail?  Take some time today to be creative, to look at your processes of handling customers, to brainstorm with your team and see if you can perhaps add or improve even the smallest detail.  This will certainly build a culture of continuous improvement and quality customer service.

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  • HAHA wow, I never caught that! You’re so right though—it’s these little extra touches that bring that WOW experience right into your living room. Great post, Jeremy!

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