Do You Have A Blogging Buddy?

The authors of this post are notorious for getting no work done when webcams are present.

The authors of this post are notorious for getting no work done when webcams are present.

We started Communicate Better Blog nearly two years ago with the goal of talking about good, bad and ugly customer service experiences intent on delivering awesome service to our customers.  Many have asked us how we find the time, energy and inspiration to blog consistently.  The fact of the matter is, even with a topic we are truly passionate about, we have highs and lows.  With every high filled with inspiration, there is a low as dry as the desert waiting for us where great ideas become difficult to come by.

One of the best things we did when starting our blog was to buddy up.  Starting a blog with one or two other people has numerous benefits.  In this post, we want to discuss some of those benefits.  If you are a blogger, this may just be the key ingredient necessary to sustain you and your blog.

What are the biggest benefits of blogging with another person?

Jeremy: I think the key to a great blog is writing often.  One of our goals is to write five blog posts a week.  Some weeks, even coming up with two posts is a stretch and I find myself writing late at night to get it done.  Knowing that Jenny is going to come in with a terrific post the next day is always a welcome break.  It is also terrific to know that if I go on vacation, Jenny is available to manage our blog.  Finally, having another person to do hangouts with, discuss books and develop ideas with is so valuable.  The fact that we are using this to actually improve the customer service for the company we work for ( makes it even better.  Jenny, what are some of the biggest benefits for you?

Jenny: What’s going to work? Team work! Having a blogging buddy gives you someone to lean on and learn from. It’s awesome to be a part of different perspectives on one blog too. I agree–knowing that if I don’t feel inspired, that you’ll either encourage me to find something or you’ll come up with something that, when I read, I’m motivated to continue on.

What are the biggest challenges to blogging with another person?

Jenny: I suppose it’s just making sure that everything is balanced. You know how I am with that! Some weeks, you may write more and some weeks, I may–but finding that level that we’re OK with can be challenging at times.  What are some of your challenges, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Jenny, we have worked together a long time and the fact of the matter is that we aren’t the same person.  That’s a key reason blogging has also been great but it truly does require that we communicate often, be flexible and be completely ok sharing with the other person.  It really is a challenge when one of us is more inspired or has more time than the other isn’t it?  There’s something good about that though.

How do you find time to write blog posts?

Jeremy: Well it’s not a secret that I am obsessed with our blog.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  That being said, I do have a day job and often get pulled away from the blog and write posts at 11pm at night.  The key for me is writing my ideas down before they leave me.  If I get a great idea, I write it down immediately.  That way, when it’s time to write, the idea is already there.  Sitting down to write a post with no ideas in mind can be brutal!  How about you Jenny?

Jenny: With my busy schedule, it’s really challenging to find time to write posts, that’s for sure! But, I also know that these writings are as much for myself as they are for others (sorry, that’s selfish but I will admit to the fact that this blog keeps my motivation high at work), so I try my darndest to find the time to write. If I’m inspired by something while I’m out and about, I’ll just keep it in my mind and block out time during my shift to write it. I will occasionally use Evernote to jot down ideas on my phone and then connect on my computer to pull up the same note and write the post.

We hope concept of blogging with another person or people propels you and your blog to new heights.  Guest bloggers are another great way to enrich your blog and give all of your regular writers a break.  Speaking of, we want to hear your stories!



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