Have a Slice of Customer Service PIE

0912-holiday-pie-slices.previewWhile positivity is a strength of mine, I have many a day where I just want to throw in the towel.

  • Something broke again and it’s taking a while to be fixed.
  • A customer gives me a problem that I’ve never worked on before and I have to take extra time to learn what is going on before I can solve it.
  • The people who can fix an issue are not around.
  • The inbox and instant messenger window are filled to the brim with messages that demand answers ASAP.

Overwhelming feelings are part of the gig in customer service. That’s no reason to throw in the towel. It’s what we signed up for! While I’ve been doing this for a long while (wow, I sound so old), this week gave me an opportunity to take off my perfectionist, I-have-to-get-it-all-done-now hat and really see things in an even brighter light. I met up with a customer that I’ve worked with for a few years at a coffee shop in Manhattan on Monday. Both of us with busy jobs, our quick meet up turned into a 2 hour conversation about motivation at work, leadership, inspiration and perspective.

What it comes down to with everything is how you perceive it. If you see the glass half empty, then it is. And it will always be that way. The choice belongs to you.

On Tuesday, I read Doug Sandler’s post titled 24 Seconds That Will Change Your Life about taking just 24 seconds to reach out to family, friends or customers that you may not have talked to in a while. Doug says:

We need to invest our time wisely in order to maximize our day.

Tuesday evening, I went to a Paint Nite in which you are given a blank canvas, brushes and are guided through creating an image.This particular evening we were painting a forest. At one point, the teacher asked us to put down our brushes and walk around to look at the 20 or so other paintings.

You’ll see that not one picture is the same. We all perceive trees differently. And if you’re not liking your art, take a step backward and look at what you’ve created. Things always look different when you stand back and look at the big picture from a distance.


I’m no artist but this sure was fun!

Wednesday, I had an incredible lunch with an awesome coworker who lives his life best summed up with his ordering style:

I go to a restaurant and look at the menu. The item on the menu that I have no idea what it is, that’s what I order.

Then, this Thursday morning on the subway train into the office, I am listening to The Charged Life podcast as Brendan Burchard says:

So, as leaders we have to stand for and demonstrate and show and portray what we are really believing in.

Is it really that I believe in working long hours, pinning my eyes open with toothpicks to stay awake, doing 10,000 things at one time, not looking at the big picture, not making any real connections just to try and get it all done? No. Absolutely not. However, some days, that’s what I seem to portray because it’s what I end up doing. Yes, customer service is a JOB but if you are in a position where you are empowered to call the shots and make the position one that works FOR you–then do it. Work it. Own it. With the universe sending me these messages, I know I must listen. So, the next time you have work piling up on your plate, take a step back and help yourself to some PIE:

P is for Perspective: It’s Your Choice. Choose Positivity Or Chose Negativity. Portray What You Believe In. See The Big Picture. Remember, Everyone Draws Their Trees Differently.

I is for Investment: Invest Your Time Wisely and Align Your Time With Your Values. Prioritize Your Time To Work For You. Maybe It Takes Longer, But Quality Time Over Quantity Of Time Matters Most.

E is for Experience: Take Lessons From Doing What You Don’t Know. Learn From Mistakes If Things Don’t Work Out. Be Thankful For The Experiences You Get. Enjoy The Ride.

So, take a slice of the customer service PIE. Or perhaps it’s another industry. Either way, grab a fork and enjoy it!


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  • Hi Jenny! Thanks for the mention. Being overwhelmed comes with the turf. Keep in your head that you want to be part of the solution at all times and everything will wind up just fine. It’s also great to know that I’m in good company. I often times feel overwhelmed.

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